The Zombieland 3 cast have all shown interest in returning to the franchise, but the sequel hasn’t arrived yet. Most recently, Zoey Deutch has shown her interest in returning, and while she isn’t one of the original four, it could open things up for a bigger world if and when the movie does arrive. Written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and directed by Ruben Fleischer, 2009’s Zombieland followed Jesse Eisenberg’s geeky college student turned zombie killer, Columbus, across the post-apocalyptic United States, surviving thanks to his strict adherence to a set of rules and the help of three strangers.


In addition to Eisenberg, the film starred Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, Emma Stone as Wichita, and Abigail Breslin as Little Rock. Of the four main actors, they have each expressed a level of interest in continuing on the franchise as the sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap. There was also a TV series that was never picked up after the pilot aired on Prime Video. However, for the movies, if there is another release in the series, expect a return for the Zombieland 3 cast, and that includes newcomer Zoey Deutch, as far as a recent interview she took part in.

Zoey Deutch Has Stated Her Interest In Zombieland 3

Zoey Deutch and Jesse Eisenberg wearing coats in Zombieland 2

In Zombieland 2, Deutch played a stereotypical “dumb blonde (draped in pink)” who managed to survive the zombie outbreak by spending most of her time hiding in a store’s freezer. After altering the film’s dynamic in a big way, Madison and the rest of the group arrived in the hippie haven Babylon—where she elected to stay with Berkeley (Avan Jogia). Double Tap ended with Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, Little Rock, and Nevada (Rosario Dawson) driving off into the sunset, leaving the future open for yet another comedic, gory, and occasionally dramatic adventure.

In an interview with THR, Deutch discussed the possibility of Zombieland 3. Although there are no current plans for a third film, the actress thoroughly enjoyed her time playing Madison and would love to return for the Zombieland 3 cast. Read the full quote below:

“I would love to put the ‘Von Deutch’ attire back on, for lack of a better pun. That experience was so fun, and I’ve been begging Ruben [Fleischer] to put me in a movie of his again. But yeah, I would love to play Madison again. She’s such a character.”

Although Sony hasn’t fast-tracked a threequel, there’s nothing that necessarily rules out Zombieland 3. Zombieland received rave reviews from critics and grossed over $100 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo), surpassing Dawn of the Dead as the top-grossing zombie film. 10 years after Zombieland revitalized its reanimated genre, its cast returned for Zombieland: Double Tap. Despite never crossing over with The Walking Dead, it bested its predecessor at the box office with $122 million (via Box Office Mojo). These days, that more than warrants a sequel.

Zoey Deutch Could Be Waiting A Few More Years For Zombieland 3

Zombieland Double Tap poster image.

While Fleischer has mused about making a Madison/Berkeley spinoff, he’s also about returning to his apocalyptic world with a returning Zombieland 3 cast in 2029. Leading up to the release of Double Tap, Woody Harrelson expressed interest in Zombieland 3 and a cinematic reunion every decade. Double Tap introduced a new breed of smarter, stronger super-zombies, and the third film could double down on this while exploring new parts of the world. Following the release of the first film, the star power of its cast grew exponentially as they cultivated increasingly busy schedules.

On top of Harrelson, Emma Stone also spoke about the ten-year reunion plan as well, making it sound like the cast had spoken to each other about this idea. Although no one expected a second film, Double Tap entered production and was released in 2019. Fleischer had said he wasn’t sure about a third movie until the reaction to Double Tap came in. The movie ended up making more at the box office than the original, although its budget was higher. Fleischer then said that Emma Stone had the idea for a sequel every 10 years, which he seemed to be up for. As long as everyone from the Zombieland 3 cast maintains their enthusiasm, another ten-year gap won’t hurt.

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