The Blood Moon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a regular occurrence, but many players are likely making a mistake when confronted with it. As in Breath of the Wild, TOTK’s Blood Moons resurrect monsters across Hyrule. But as frustrating as this may be for Link, there is one thing that players can do to make Blood Moons less annoying.


The Blood Moon is a regular event caused by a surge of dark magic. For example, the Blood Moon occurs in Breath of the Wild whenever Calamity Ganon is able to overwhelm Zelda’s seal for just a moment. In Tears of the Kingdom, meanwhile, they begin to regularly occur in the wake of Ganondorf’s resurrection. The endless assault of monsters is in so small part to blame for Hyrule’s poor state in BOTW. And now, in TOTK, the same tide of evil seeks to undo the reconstruction done after Calamity Ganon’s defeat.

Blood Moon Cutscenes Can Be Skipped In Tears Of The Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Blood Moon Rising Cutscene with Respawned Enemies

In both games, Blood Moons are accompanied by a cutscene narrated by Zelda. Monsters are shown reviving all over Hyrule as the princess laments the terrible implications. For TOTK players, this cutscene also poses a notable interruption to their gameplay, sometimes jarringly so. To watch it in its entirety can also quickly become a chore due to its length and the fact that players will see it countless times throughout a playthrough. However, what some players miss is the fact that the Blood Moon cutscene can be skipped. Doing so requires pressing both the X and + buttons, which is the same combination required to skip more unique story cutscenes.

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It’s Easy To Miss That Cutscenes Are Skippable In TOTK

Two Aerocudas revive during the Blood Moon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom​​​​​​​.

Although this trick seems simple, many players missed the fact that Blood Moons were skippable in BOTW, and are beginning to make the same mistake in TOTK. Of course, it does not help that similar repeated cutscenes within the game do not require the same button combination to skip. For example, launching Link from a Skyview Tower can have its animated sequence cut short simply by pressing X. Additionally, the Blood Moon cutscene in Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t provide a prompt to be skipped, with one only showing after the player has pressed X.

It is a strange decision to have the Blood Moon cutscene require pressing two buttons to skip, especially given that it is hardly a unique occurrence. The fact that similar, shorter cutscenes are easier to skip is an incongruous detail, and a player encountering that X can skip Skyview Tower launches (a more likely occurrence than skipping story cutscenes, particularly on a first playthrough) would naturally try the same shortcut for Blood Moons, only to fail. Combined with the fact that some players may not realize skipping is possible to begin with, many have unfortunately been left rewatching the same cutscene over and over in Tears of the Kingdom.

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