The ability to Fuse is a new feature in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that is given to Link during the first few tutorial Shrines on Great Sky Island. It allows Link to take different weapons and materials and combine them into a new and improved weapon with better damage and durability.


The Fuse ability is specifically received from the Tears of the Kingdom In-Isa Shrine. Once players complete its various challenges which include fusing a sword with a boulder and using a Fire Fruit Arrow to knock down a key they will have the ability from there on out to use as they please.

How To Use The Fuse Ability

Link fusing a boulder to his rusty claymore weapon in TOTK

Using the actual TOTK Fuse ability itself is fairly simple. Once Link has the ability, it will be added to the ability selection wheel for him to choose from. Its indicator is a blue sword graphic on the bottom of the wheel. After being selected, activate the ability by pressing the L button, and it will highlight any materials that are able to be Fused.

Select the item Link would like to Fuse and then there will be two options that appear, fusing to Link’s active weapon or fusing to his active shield. The choices will only consist of whatever Link currently has active. Pick the option that applies and that’s it. The material will be fused on.

Almost anything that can be collected can be fused onto weapons and shields. This includes gatherable resources such as mushrooms, gems, and rocks. As well as materials collected from enemies such as the Flux Core, Horns, Wings, Eyes, and anything else they may drop when killed. Every material has a unique perk to fusing it as some serve specific purposes and others just give general damage and durability boosts. While Tears of the Kingdom didn’t remove Zelda: Breath of the Wilds’ durability issue, it has made it slightly better with the ability to increase durability through fusing.

Selecting The Best Fusing Materials

Link breaking through a cracked barrier with his fused weapon in TOTK

When selecting the best fusing options for Link’s weapons & shields, it’s important to be sure to have a well-rounded variety of some of the most useful options. This includes fusions that aid in exploring, battling Tears of the Kingdom bosses, or protecting Link. For example, one type of fused weapon that is always good to have on hand for exploring is any sort of melee weapon fused with a rock or boulder. This weapon fusion can allow Link to break through cracked barriers, but most importantly it comes in handy when breaking ore deposits that almost always contain valuable resources for Link.

Some of the better material options for weapons include either Chuchu Jelly, Elemental Fruits, or Gems. All of these materials give weapons certain elemental properties. However, the Chuchu Jelly and Elemental Fruits are more recommended for Arrows as they are more of a one-and-done type of fuse.

Whereas the gems are better for melee weapons because they will last longer and give significant elemental powers. For example, Rubies give a fire ability to weapons, topaz gives an electrical ability, and Sapphire gives an ice ability. Diamonds can also be fused to melee weapons for a significant damage boost.

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Selecting The Best Fuse Weapon Bases

Arrow fusing selection screen with materials available for fusing

Another aspect of the Fuse ability to consider is the actual base weapon that the material is being attached to. While players are free to select whatever they would like, there are some better options that might be worth grabbing before wasting the material on something else.

Arrows are the only exception as different arrow types from Zelda: Breath of the Wild are no longer much of a thing in Tears of the Kingdom since Link can fuse materials to arrows to create his own arrow types, in a sense. So there are no other arrows to consider when fusing materials to them. Melee weapons however have a variety of options.

Some of the best Tears of the Kingdom bases for fusing weapons include high-damage two-handed weapons, Zoanite weapons, spears, and strong wooden sticks. The two-handed weapons that deal high damage are great for pairing with other damage-boosting materials, such as the Diamond, for a super powerful weapon.

Zoanite weapon bases are great for pairing with other Zoanite materials like the Flux Core as it significantly boosts the power of other Zoanite materials. Spears are good for keeping a distance while being able to do damage. Finally, bulkier sticks make great bases for heavy materials, such as boulders.

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Weapon Fusion Tips

Weapon inventory screen with Link holding a fused Spiky Bat

One other thing not to forget about the weapon fusing ability is that it also applies to the shield, so don’t let that become an afterthought. Certain materials can drastically increase the durability of shields giving Link even more protection. They can also help Link get around.

As many players are familiar with Tears of the Kingdom Shield Surfing, Link can fuse an explosion barrel to his shield so that when he begins to shield surf, he will be launched into the air. This can come in handy when exploring with no other means to reach certain areas or if in a rough situation with enemies as it will give an explosive escape.

Regardless of whatever players choose to fuse together, just remember that there is no real wrong option. While some combinations can prove to be more useful for exploring the vast map of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom or taking on enemies, any fused weapon is going to be an improvement on whatever the original base was.

The important thing is to read the comments under certain materials in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom inventory to get a clue as to what they might do when fused and hold on to things that seem a little more valuable for later in the game when they will be of more assistance.

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