The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has over 100 Shrines – including the early-game Ukouh Shrine – for players to complete in order to increase their Hearts and Stamina. Beating a Shrine grants the user a Light of Blessing, and collecting four of these allows them to unlock either more health or more stamina, both of which are necessary to progress through the lands of Hyrule.


While Shrines can mostly be tackled in any order, the Great Sky Island Shrines serve as part of the game’s introduction or tutorial section, meaning they’re early-game puzzles for Tears of the Kingdom. As such, new fans might struggle when it comes to solving them. As part of our Great Sky Island Shrines walkthrough, here’s how to beat the Ukouh Shrine.

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How To Solve The Ukouh Shrine

TOTK Ukouh Shrine: side-by-side of Link inside the Shrine and the Shrine's exterior.

Once you’ve explored a bit in the starting areas of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom‘s open world, you will come across a small pond with a staircase right next to it. This staircase leads to one of the first shrines where players can learn a new ability. Climb these staircases, and in between, you will find sections broken off. However, they are easy to cross as you can climb onto the wall and shimmy to the intact staircase. Once you reach the top, you will unlock the Ukouh Shrine.

The moment you enter the Shrine, Link will learn the Ultrahand ability automatically, which will be needed to solve the Ukouh shrine. The purpose of this Shrine is for you to get accustomed to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom‘s Ultrahand ability and use it creatively throughout your playthrough.

Progress onwards, and you will come across a board on the right. Use the Ultrahand ability on this board and connect it with the next platform to make a small bridge. On the next platform, you will see a set of two more boards on the right that can be used to get across to the next platform. Use Ultrahand on both boards and combine the two to make a long flat bridge. Place this longer bridge between the current and next platform to progress further into the Shrine. As soon as you get to the next platform, you will notice a Chest on top of a pillar on the right.

To access this Chest, grab the longer bridge (made out of two boards) behind you and place it like a slope on the pillar. Run up the slope to open the Chest.

Once you’ve opened the Chest, move further into this Zelda: TOTK Shrine until you notice a wooden platform that sort of looks like a raft on the left. Besides the wooden platform, you will also notice two hooks, one on the floor and the other hanging by the wall. You will now need to combine the two hooks with the wooden platform. Using Ultrahand, lay the wooden board flat on the ground and place the two hooks at the corners. Ensure the hooks are facing in the same direction as shown in the image below.

Link using ultrahand connecting a creation with two hooks to a cable in Zelda: TOTK

After combining the two hooks and the board, place the hooks from your creation onto the cable slightly slanted towards the next area. As soon as you place your creation on the cable, it will start moving towards the end of the Shrine, so make sure you quickly jump on it to get across. Once you are across, interact with the Shrine to unlock a Light of Blessing.

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