During the early-game stages of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players are tasked with completing four Shrines located on the Great Sky Island, including the In-Isa Shrine. The Shrines serve as an example of some of the tougher Shrines waiting on the surface below the clouds, while also showing off how to use some of Link’s new powers and abilities.


There are over one hundred Shrines to be beaten in TOTK, and while they’re all different, they all fall into categories that can make it easier for players to anticipate the type of puzzle they’ll be faced with. For example, some Shrines test a user’s combat skills, while others serve to see how creative a player can get when it comes to building with the Fuse ability. The In-Isa Shrine introduces this new power, which is one of the most exciting aspects of Tears of the Kingdom.

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How To Solve The In-isa Shrine

Link inside the In-isa Shrine in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The second Shrine Great Sky Island region is the In-isa Shrine, where you will learn the Fuse Ability as soon as you enter. This ability will let you combine different objects with weapons to increase the durability of a weapon in Zelda: TOTK, such as a wooden stick.

As soon as you enter the In-isa Shrine, you will see a Thick Stick on the ground and three boulders ahead. Combine the Stick with one of the boulders and break the rocky wall in front of your with your newly fused weapon to progress further.

You can also combine the boulders with any other weapon in your inventory. However, it is worth noting that previously fused weapons cannot be fused again.

In the next room of this Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Shrine, you will notice a rocky pillar on the left with a chest at the top. Hit this pillar with the fused weapon twice to drop the chest near Link and unlock it to get 5x Arrows. Opposite the broken pillar, you will find a small artificial pond and a few plants beyond it. These plants are growing Fire Fruit which will come in handy in solving the In-isa Shrine. Right next to these plants, you will also find an Old Wooden Bow and some more Arrows.

Once you have the bow and the arrows, aim towards the Chest up on the wall surrounded by dried leaves. Then, with the Fuse ability selected, press the “UP” directional button while aiming to combine your arrow with the Fire Fruit you collected earlier. Next, shoot the leaves to put the dried leaves on fire, which will drop the Chest below. Once the Chest has fallen, you can open the Chest to collect a Small Key.

Link battling an enemy in the In-isha shrine using a fused weapon in Zelda: TOTK

Return to the previous room and climb the staircase leading to a green door. Now that you have the Small Key, you will be able to open the green door to the next room. Climb the only ladder, and you will now face an enemy that can also use the Fuse Ability against you. Defeating this enemy is fairly straightforward; however, if you do end up breaking your fused weapon, there are a few boulders scattered around for you to fuse a new weapon.

Alternatively, you can also put fire to the dried leaves on the floor by firing an arrow fused with the Fire Fruit.

Once you defeat this enemy in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can collect a Construct Bow and the Captain Construct I Horn. To complete this Shrine, break the rocky walls with a rock-fused weapon and make your way toward the Shrine. After interacting with it, Link will be rewarded with another Light of Blessing.

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