The Great Fairies are drag queen-esque beings who can upgrade Link’s armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Players may remember these women from Breath of the Wild. However, unlocking the blessings of the Great Fairies is not as simple as it was in the game’s predecessor, as players need to complete a variety of sidequests first.


There are four Great Fairies found across the surface of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom: Tera, Mija, Cotera, and Kaysa. Each one will refuse to emerge from their giant plant pods until they hear some music. This means that players will have to meet with a band called the Stable Trotters and join them on their journey to perform for the fairies.

Where To Find All Great Fairies

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Since the Great Fairies in Tears of the Kingdom cannot be unlocked by simply visiting their locations, it is better to know which stables are associated with each fairy. By approaching each stable, players can begin the appropriate quest to access one of the four Great Fairies.

While Mija, Cotera, and Kaysa can be approached in any order, players must start with Tera’s quest, where Link first meets the Stable Trotters.

Each Great Fairy in Tears of the Kingdom is found close to their respective stables. Tera is associated with the Woodland Stable, found west of Pico Pond. Mija’s stable is Snowfield Stable in the South Tabantha Snowfield. Cotera’s quest begins at Dueling Peaks Stable on the eastern side of Dueling Peaks, dead south of Kakariko Village. Lastly, to appease Kaysa, Link will have to meet the Stable Trotters at Outskirt Stable, located on the southwest edge of Hyrule Field, west of Coliseum Ruins.

How To Unlock Tera’s Great Fairy Fountain

The Great Fairy Tera speaks with the Stable Trotters

Link first meets the Stable Trotters at Woodland Stable, but they won’t interact with him unless he is associated with the Lucky Clover Gazette. The Lucy Clover Gazette can be found on the western edge of Lake Totori, home to Rito Village. Once Link speaks with Traysi inside the building, he’ll get another important side quest in Tears of the Kingdom called “Potential Princess Sightings!” and be considered a reporter. Now he can go back to Woodland Stable and begin “Serenade to a Great Fairy.”

The Stable Trotters must fix their cart to visit the Great Fairy Tera. To do this, Link must use Ultrahand, one of the four abilities in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, to attach some wheels to the cart. Link should then buy a Towing Harness from the stable with 3 Pony Points, earned through interactions with stables. From there, Link needs to customize a registered horse with the harness. Finally, attach the cart to the harness, and the musical troupe will ride up to Tera’s Fairy Fountain and bring her out of her flower.

How To Unlock Mija, Cotera, & Kaysa’s Great Fairy Fountains

The Great Fairy Kaysa launches out of her flower

The other three Great Fairies in Tears of the Kingdom can be unlocked in any order. Mija’s quest, “Serenade to Mija,” sends Link after a missing hornist after speaking with the Stable Trotters at Snowfield Stable. The player, Eustus, is trapped in a giant pit west of the stable. Link must use Ultrahand to airlift Eustus and his wagon out of the pit during the side quest “The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape.” When Eustus reunites with his troupe, Link needs to supply another horse and harness to take the group to Mija’s fountain.

At the end of Eustus’ quest, he gives Link some courser bee honey that comes into use during Cotera’s quest, “Serenade to Cotera.” The Stable Trotters now need to find their missing drummer Beetz, who can be found along the southwestern road to Kakariko Village, close to Lake Siela. Beetz needs some courser bee honey, so meeting Mija before Cotera is helpful. This allows players to skip over one of Tears of the Kingdom‘s fetch quests. If players give Beetz the honey, he will return to the troupe.

Once Beetz has returned, Link needs to help move the troupe across a river by building a boat in Zelda: TOTK. There are a few different ways players can go about this, so long as they have a fan to push the boat and a lever to steer it. Once Link and the troupe cross the river, he’ll be able to meet the third Great Fairy.

“Serenade to Kaysa” is the last Great Fairy quest in Tears of the Kingdom. Here, the Stable Trotters at Outskirt Stable will once again ask Link to find a missing troupe member; a flutist named Pyper. Pyper is hiding in a tree north of Highland Stable, located southeast of Lake Hylia. To get Pyper back to the group, players will need to give him 10 Sunset Fireflies, which can be collected at night. When Pyper returns, Link will need to restore a massive cart. The fourth wheel and lever required for the cart can be found nearby.

Once Link rides the cart up to Kaysa’s Fountain, players will have access to all four Great Fairies. This means that all of Link’s armor can reach four stars, drastically increasing its stats. Once players pick out a few favorite pieces of armor, it will be worth visiting the beautiful Great Fairies in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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