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There are plenty of Horses scattered throughout The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, each with its own unique stats. Having a Horse with great stats early on can be essential to exploring the surface of Hyrule, as it allows Link to move quickly and take on wild enemies via horseback.

Additionally, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presents a new stat to Horses, which is their Pull. As part of the new abilities in Zelda: TOTK, Link can now create various vehicles, including unique carts for his Horse to pull, making it easy to transfer materials and other objects, even some of the Koroks. However, tracking down the Horse with ideal stats can be difficult.



5 Epona

Epona in Zelda_ TOTK

Epona needs no introduction, as this is Link’s legendary horse. Epona has great stats, with four stars in Speed, Strength, and Stamina. This makes for a fantastic Horse to have early on in Zelda: TOTK, as it will already have better stats than most of the Horses that can be found. Additionally, while most horses have their individual strengths and weaknesses to balance them out initially, Epona is solid across the board. Unfortunately, Epona does not have a Pull stat and cannot be equipped with any other harness than the one specific to her, so that she will be of no use in that category.

The other unfortunate aspect is that while being a great horse to have early on, Epona can only be obtained through using an Amiibo in Zelda: TOTK or transferring her in from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where players also would’ve had to use the Amiibo to obtain her. Though this isn’t available to those without the Amiibo, it is still a great starter horse since it can be obtained immediately upon starting the game. However, it may take more than one try, as Amiibo rewards are random and can only be used once daily. Epona will come already tamed, though, which is a great benefit.

4 Wild Horse (Solid Coat)

Wild Horses in Zelda TOTK with Link sneaking up on them

Wild Horses are the most obvious option as they are the majority of horse options in the game outside special variants. However, while the stats on Wild Horses are visible when taking them to a stable, there is a way to look out for ones with higher stats. Horses with dapple-colored coats typically tend to have lower stats than those with solid color coats. Therefore, if you are looking for a Horse with better stats, try to procure one with a solid color. Unfortunately, they also tend to be the more temperamental ones, so if acquiring early on when Link is short on Stamina Vessels in Zelda: TOTK, he will need Stamina boosting meals.

Link will need to prepare some recipes in Zelda: TOTK that will extend his Stamina beyond its current state to obtain the rougher horses; otherwise, he will be continuously thrown off. Additionally, when approaching these Horses, try to be as quiet and careful as possible so as not to spook them. Finally, after obtaining the Horse, it will likely be strong in one area and weak in others, so consider heading to Malanya to upgrade the weaker stats or max out the Horses stats entirely. Malanya will do this in exchange for specific meals.

Malanya the Horse God can be found in Akkala Highlands, residing in something that will resemble a Great Fairy bud. Specific meals will be requested in exchange for improving various stats, but remember that some horses’ stats cannot be altered. Usually, this only applies to the special horses and not the general wild ones.

3 Spot

Spot, the horse, in Zelda TOTK viewed through a scope

Spot is a unique Horse in Zelda: TOTK as he does not appear to stand out if not specifically looking for him. After unlocking the Lookout Landing Stable in Zelda: TOTK, Link will speak with Lester to learn that he has lost his horse, Spot. He needs Link to head out and look for him to complete the quest, Spotting Spot. He will inform Link that he can’t have gone too far and has a beige coat with gray spots. Essentially Link will be looking for a Horse that has a similar pattern to that of a Dalmatian.

As Lester said, Spot will not have gone far. Simply head out of Lookout Landing from the entry point where the mini-stable is and turn a little to the right to find some wild horses. Instead of risking spooking them, try using the scope to zoom in and get a closer look at them. Spot will be found among these horses and is fairly gentle, so catching him should be no problem. Bring him back to Lester, who will thank you and then offer to let you keep Spot for your own. Spot has pretty decent stats with 4x Strength, 3x Speed & Stamina, and 2x Pull.

2 Stalhorse (Skeletal Horse)

Link on a Stalhorse in Zelda TOTK

The Stalhorse is a skeletal Horse that may look frightening at first glance but can prove very useful. Unfortunately, they do not survive in the daylight, so they can only be found in particular areas on the surface at night but are plentiful in The Depths. Rightfully so, The Depths are where they will be of the most use to Link. In addition, the Stalhorses are not affected by Gloom, which makes them great for getting around the Gloom in Zelda: TOTK that covers most of The Depths. Since Gloom lowers Link’s maximum health, this Horse is almost essential for exploring down there.

Unfortunately, there are no stables in The Depths, and the Stalhorse cannot be registered anyways. So players will be forced to discover a new Stalhorse every time they descend. They may also choose to go the challenging route of crafting a device that will carry the Stalhorse out of the Depths through a Chasm and bring it to the surface. This will require a lot of work and crafting, and Link would also need to time it properly so the sun doesn’t destroy the Horse immediately. Link would be better off hunting for one at night on the surface. Stalhorses will tame almost immediately and have average stats across the board.

1 Golden Horse

The Golden Horse in Zelda TOTK

The Golden Horse in Zelda: TOTK is one of the unique horses that Link can obtain and is probably one of the easiest to find due to its bright-colored coat. Simply head out North to where the North Tabantha Snowfield is to locate the Horse. There will be a large Geoglyph marked on the ground near the horses, so it should be pretty easy to track down. After that, finding the Golden Horse should be easy to spot among the dull-colored horses and snowy backdrop. While the Golden Horse isn’t the hardest Horse to tame, it still may require a little effort.

After collecting the Horse, head South to find a Stable in Zelda: TOTK nearby. Here, Link will be able to speak with the staff who have been worried about the Horse but will offer to let Link keep it since it appears to connect with him and showed aversion to “Zelda” the last time she was around. Additionally, if Penn is around, his quest for this Stable will be completed. The Golden Horse will have 4x in Strength and Speed, 3x in Stamina, and 2x in Pull, but it also comes with its own unique customizations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom since it is a notable, royal horse.

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    The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the anticipated follow-up to Breath of the Wild, released in 2017. A rare occurrence in Zelda titles, Tears of the Kingdom is a direct sequel instead of loosely connected. In Tears of the Kingdom, Link will take to the skies and learn about a mysterious kingdom in the clouds. Additionally, he will discover the secrets of the dark ones that dwell below and above the earth. The sequel is being built on the same engine as the original, with unique physics tools again being utilized. However, little about the plot and gameplay is known.

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