There are several combinations of recipes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and while many of them are primarily geared towards restoring Link’s health, they can be altered to have various other properties in addition. Simply read the descriptions of items before using them to learn what they might add.

Among the different uses for food, restoring, and even extending stamina beyond its max when Link is low on Stamina Vessels in Zelda: TOTK is one of the most valuable. This can allow Link to get better horses, outrun enemies, and even paraglide further distances, which is imperative with the addition of Sky Islands.



10 Energizing Steamed Mushrooms

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - 10 Most Powerful Cooking Recipes

Players should not be surprised that Mushrooms have plenty of uses since there are variations of them found all over Hyrule in Zelda: TOTK. They are perhaps one of the easiest ingredients to acquire and that makes them valuable as they can cook up a quick restorative meal in a pinch.

Unfortunately, due to their convenience, they have relatively low properties, so they won’t do too much, but since Link should be able to make plenty of them, they can still serve the same purpose as one large restorative meal. Just be sure to grab ones that mention they boost Stamina, like the Stamella Mushrooms.

9 Energizing Elixir

Energizing Elixir recipe in Zelda TOTK

This Energizing Elixir does exactly what it says and simply just increases Stamina and nothing else. It is fairly easy to make, simply hunt down a couple of Restless Crickets, or Energetic Rhino Beetles, and combine them with a Monster Part.

The Monster aspect of this recipe doesn’t have to be anything crazy or valuable, it could be something as common as Chuchu Jelly in Zelda: TOTK. The more Crickets or Beetles that are added to the recipe will increase the effectiveness of the Elixir, so be sure to use whatever Link has to spare.

8 Enduring Elixir

Enduring Elixir in Zelda TOTK

For the Enduring Elixir, Link will need Tireless Frogs and a Monster Part. The Enduring Elixir, unlike the Energizing one, will extend the max stamina, not just replenish it. This is great for completing tasks that require a little more than Link has to offer, like taming a temperamental horse.

Tireless Frogs can be found near the water on the surface of Hyrule, but the easiest place to look for them is in the many Wells in Zelda: TOTK. There are different frog types, however, so be sure to grab the correct one as the others do different things.

7 Fragrant Seafood Stew

Fragrant Seafood Stew in Zelda TOTK

When combining seafood and Stambulbs into a pot of oil, Link will be able to make Fragrant Seafood Stew which will boost his stamina by half of a wheel. Increasing the amount of Stambulbs in this dish will also increase its properties, but the benefit is that it can be combined with any type of seafood to complete it.

Oil is an ingredient that must be purchased and one merchant that always carries it can be found in the Rito Village in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

6 Energizing Fish Skewer

Fish Skewer in Zelda TOTK

The Energizing Fish Skewer is a dish made relatively simply. Link can cook up just two Staminoka Bass to produce a recipe in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will provide him with a little over two stamina ring refills. Cooking more or less will produce different amounts of the same benefit, but for two fish, it’s not a bad recipe to remember.

Unfortunately, it only restores four hearts, so it’s not going to be a large benefit all around like some other recipes.

5 Energizing Seafood Skewer

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Energizing Seafood Skewer that Restores Health and Stamina

The Energizing Seafood Skewer has unlimited combinations to make it, but one of the easier variants to make is combining one Bright Eyed Crab with a Wildberry, which can be grown by Link himself when farming in Zelda: TOTK or other supplemental ingredients.

The Bright Eyed Crabs are one of the best stamina ingredients in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so even just one of them will produce a good amount of Stamina. Combine a second or third to boost this property or combine them with other Stamina boosting ingredients for better benefits.

4 Energizing Mushroom Skewer

Mushroom Skewer in Zelda TOTK

The Energizing Mushroom Skewer is just a stronger variation of the Energizing Steamed Mushrooms. Simply combine five Stamella Mushrooms to receive almost ten hearts and one and a half Stamina ring refills. While this may not seem like too much, these Stamella Mushrooms are pretty easy to come by, so Link can make stacks of this recipe. Then eating just two of them on top of each other will nearly replenish three full stamina rings, which is Link’s max Stamina limit in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

3 Energizing Cooked Stambulb

Cooked Stambulb in Zelda TOTK

Stambulbs are one of the ingredients found in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom specifically designed to replenish Stamina and can be found pretty easily through Hyrule. Though they’re better off when combined with other ingredients, if they are all Link has, they can still be combined just with each other to restore some of his stamina.

Combining three of them will only provide Link with three hearts and about 3/4 of his stamina wheel, but it’s better than nothing when desperate for a Stamina boost.

2 Prime Meat & Seafood Fry

Prime Meat and Seafood Fry In Zelda TOTK

Though creating a dish with as many Bright-Eyed Crabs as possible is going to yield the best results, sometimes they’re just not as easy to track down. Therefore, combining a couple of them with Prime Meat instead can produce a meal with pretty good stats as well.

With just three Bright Eyed Crabs and two Prime Meats, Link can craft a dish that will restore over one and a half stamina rings. This is a great recipe in Zelda: TOTK to have early on as Link’s max stamina will likely still be low, so this could completely restore him.

1 Energizing Seafood Skewer (5 Bright Eyed Crabs)

Seafood Skewer in Zelda TOTK

For this recipe, there are several variations that can be made with varying amounts of stamina replenished, but one of the best combinations is cooking up five Bright Eyed Crabs. Doing so will provide Link with a meal that restores almost three full stamina rings in addition to ten Hearts.

Bright Eyed Crabs can typically be found along coastlines and sometimes in caves, so be sure to keep an eye out for their brightly colored shells. They will run pretty fast when Link approaches them in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so be careful not to let them get away.

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