Warning: Spoilers ahead for Scream 6!While Jack Champion’s performance in Avatar: The Way of Water gained mixed responses from critics upon release, Scream 6 proves the actor’s character could and should take a dark turn in upcoming sequels. Jack Champion’s role as Spider in Avatar: The Way of Water got a lot of criticism upon the sequel’s much-anticipated release. One of the few human characters in the sequel, Champion’s character Spider was a human raised among the Na’vi of Pandora. The son of Miles Quaritch, Spider aligned himself with the Na’vi but was met with suspicion from some of the natives.


While Neytiri’s dislike of Spider in Avatar: The Way of Water didn’t make sense, it was a contributing factor that drove the character to eventually see his father as more than an unambiguous villain. This led Spider to secretly save Quartich’s life in Avatar: The Way of Water’s climax, a move that made it seem likely the character will defect to the human side in Pandora’s war during the sequel. This possibility was reaffirmed in Scream 6, a meta-slasher sequel whose wild twist ending proves the actor’s potential in villainous roles.

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Jack Champion’s Scream 6 Villain Twist Makes Your Spider Trust Issues Worse

Jack Champion as Ethan Landry in Scream 6

It seems as though Spider will officially go over to the humans in Avatar 3 and Champion’s villain twist in Scream 6 doesn’t help this perception. After much of the sequel is spent casting suspicion on Scream 6’s heroines Sam and Tara, the ending reveals that Champion’s unassuming nerd Ethan is one of three Ghostface killers this time around. Until this point, Champion’s Ethan had been a harmless nerd and the character had largely cast off suspicion due to his sheer awkwardness and goofy demeanor. However, when he reveals his true nature, Champion shows that he can give an unexpectedly creepy villainous turn.

There is nothing subtle about Champion’s Ethan once his true nature becomes clear but, like many of the Scream franchise’s best villains, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Champion amps up his villainy in the sequel’s closing scenes and, like Scream 6 leaving some plot holes unexplained, this is nothing new for the series. Champion’s scenery-chewing fits with the standard set by earlier Ghostface performances such as Emma Roberts’ feral Jill, Laurie Metcalf’s campy, self-parodic take on Nancy Loomis, and Matthew Lillard’s scene-stealing role as the iconic Stu Macher in 1996’s original Scream.

Jack Champion’s Avatar 2 Over-Acting Proves Why He’s Perfect For Ghostface

Avatar way of water quaritch and spider

Champion’s performance in Scream 6 is reserved until his Ghostface reveal when the actor leans hard into villainous over-acting. This is how it works for pretty much every Ghostface actor and, while critics complained that Champion’s acting was over-the-top in Avatar: The Way of Water, the same can be said of that earlier performance. As Quaritch’s son, it was fitting that Spider was a larger-than-life figure, and this was also typical for a James Cameron movie. While not all of Avatar 3’s villain returns will be so welcome, Avatar: The Way of Water’s Spider twist could be great judging by Champion’s stellar work in Scream 6.

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