Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 6, episode 15. Missy’s story in Young Sheldon season 6 makes her The Big Bang Theory debut a tragedy. After Mary, Sheldon’s sister is the second member of the Cooper family to visit him in Pasadena, California. Since her cameo happened towards the end of The Big Bang Theory‘s debut season, it was more laced with humor and didn’t get much into the difficulties that their family faced before and after George’s death. Almost two decades since then, however, Young Sheldon provides more context about what it was really like growing up in Medford, Texas with Sheldon, which cast a negative light on her first The Big Bang Theory.

For a while now, Young Sheldon has been treating Missy as a supporting character when she is one of the most interesting players in the show. Aside from being witty, she’s also emotionally mature and charming. Paige’s Young Sheldon season 6 return emphasized that The Big Bang Theory prequel can no longer ignore the Cooper daughter. Luckily, it seems like CBS is finally rectifying the issue, although, in the process, it subjects Missy to uncomfortable situations and even reframes her The Big Bang Theory debut.

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Young Sheldon Shows Missy’s Struggle Growing Up With Sheldon

Missy Scowling At Sheldon

On the heels of Young Sheldon‘s “Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame,” things have settled down a bit for the Coopers. However, each member of the clan is still busy minding their respective woes which exacerbates Missy’s feeling of being left out. Despite calling out her parents for ignoring her, both George and Mary are still wrapped up in their dilemmas that they really haven’t taken the time to address the issue. Overlooking Missy is arguably Young Sheldon‘s biggest mistake and the series is finally showing the ramifications of it after she runs from home because once again, Mary pays more interest on Sheldon.

This is one aspect that’s barely touched on in Young Sheldon. Learning how miserable childhood was for her because her parents used to pay more attention to her twin makes her The Big Bang Theory debut unfortunate. In the episode, she seemed to be genuinely concerned about her brother, even earnestly telling her that she was proud of him. The fact that Missy remained gracious, loyal, and loving towards Sheldon even after everything she went through because he was heavily favored only reiterates the idea that she is really the best Cooper child. She could have been hateful and vile, but she didn’t.

How Young Sheldon Can Fix Its Missy Mistake

Sheldon and Missy at a frat party in Young Sheldon

Despite Young Sheldon‘s latest TBBT timeline issue that could help extend its run, the show is clearly approaching its natural end. However, with season 7 already guaranteed, CBS still has time to fix its big Missy mistake. The fact that she finally gets her own plot line, albeit a sad one, is a good indication. Perhaps after she runs away, Mary and George decide to set aside their differences and focus on mending their relationship with her. Meanwhile, Sheldon can be more supportive of his sister, the same way she has been to him countless times even into The Big Bang Theory. The bottom line is, Young Sheldon needs to give Missy her due.

Young Sheldon season 6 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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