According to executive producer Steve Holland, Young Sheldon season 7 could end the show. Since its debut in 2017, Young Sheldon accomplished a feat that not a lot of prequel spinoffs do by effectively bringing new characters that are separate from The Big Bang Theory world it originated from. It has also been a big hit for CBS, regularly drawing in an average of more than 9 million viewers. Given those reliable numbers, it’s hardly a surprise that Young Sheldon was confirmed through season 7 as part of a renewal deal in 2021.


In new comments from Holland to TVLine, he revealed that discussions have taken place about the end of Young Sheldon. Holland explains that, as they’re arriving toward the end of Young Sheldon season 6, there’s been more of an opportunity to think about how to end the series. In the quote below, the executive producer talks about what’s next for the prequel and how the writers are crafting a possible farewell:

“There are certainly things we know we want to hit next season, and there are certain things where, if it’s the end versus if it’s just [another season], those things might be different. It’s not my decision to make. I don’t think we’ll know for a while, but I don’t think it will effect the first half of [Season 7]; I think it will play out the same either way. But as we get near the end, I think it will play out differently depending on whether this is, or is not, the final season.”

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How A Potential Writers’ Strike Could Impact Young Sheldon

Mandy and Georgie Looking Surprised with Constance in Young Sheldon

It’s clear from his comments that Holland can’t commit to whether Young Sheldon season 7 will be the end or whether there will more episodes beyond that point. Part of the hesitancy has to do with the upcoming writers’ strike that’s currently looming over Hollywood. The current contract for the Writer’s Guild of America expires on May 1st. If that happens without a new deal being reached, industry experts expect a writers’ strike is very likely. The possibility of that could have a direct consequence on shows like Young Sheldon.

When a writers’ strike last happened, during 2007-08, it impacted Big Bang Theory season 1 and resulted in a shorter season that had only 17 episodes. It could have a similar impact on the spinoff. Holland told TVLine about how the possible writers’ strike could contribute to decisions about the future of Young Sheldon. Holland said, in part, that the prequel’s next season is being considered “with some understanding, and some flexibility, that this may or may not be the end.”

As it stands, it could be the case that season 7 was eyed as a potential end when it received the bulk renewal in March 2021. It’s also a situation where other factors, like the writers’ strike, are leading to more urgency in the immediate path forward. But regardless of what happens, Holland and the rest of the Young Sheldon team are focused on crafting a satisfying story that could double as a farewell.

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