Young Sheldon showrunner Steve Holland warns that season 7 may be shorter. The Big Bang Theory prequel is in the back half of season 6, and it’s already guaranteed one more year which is good news. However, Young Sheldon season 7 may not run as long as its predecessors did.

Speaking with TVLine, Holland candidly talks about the future of The Big Bang Theory prequel beyond its ongoing year. Despite Young Sheldon‘s latest timeline snafu, it sounds like CBS is following the established timeline, which means that it will reach its natural end soon. Whether that happens in Young Sheldon season 7 is unknown at this point, however, he cites another issue, saying that the next year could have fewer episodes because of what’s happening in the bigger industry with the potential writers’ strike.

“That’s certainly another thing that throws a wrench into it — if [a strike] happens, how long it goes on, and how many episodes this next season will end up being,” he explains. “Those are questions we can’t even answer; we’d just be speculating. So we certainly have a plan in place of where we’re aiming [to get] next season with some understanding, and some flexibility, that this may or may not be the end.”

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What To Expect From Young Sheldon Season 7

Mary and George looking both sad in Young Sheldon season and Sheldon also looking down in TBBT

CBS has kept Young Sheldon‘s time setting vague for the most part. However, season 6 is confirmed to take place in 1993, which means that George’s impending death is close. Aside from that, the Cooper patriarch’s cheating scandal is also expected to happen anytime soon. Since it has already been revealed that Sheldon’s George cheating narrative won’t happen in Young Sheldon season 6, it will likely go down in season 7.

Holland has previously revealed that regardless if Young Sheldon ends in season 7, the first half of the CBS family next year will tackle the same plot lines. This means that however the upcoming season 6 finale plays out, its ramifications will be tackled, if not fully paid off. That’s a good thing considering the threat of the upcoming year having fewer episodes.

At this point, it’s still too early to know if Young Sheldon is really ending with season 7. Even Holland admits to this. Despite the show approaching its natural ending because of The Big Bang Theory, it is so popular that CBS is likely motivated to keep it on the air for as long as possible.

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