After Mandy gives birth, a Young Sheldon season 6 episode 15 promotional image shows the first look at her and Georgie’s daughter, baby Constance.

CBS releases a new Young Sheldon season 6 episode 14 promotional image that shows the first look at Mandy and George’s daughter. The latest Cooper family member is officially here giving the family a cause for celebration. Mandy’s pregnancy was tumultuous, and despite some issues, things eventually went well with the birth of baby Constance.

Because of Mary and George’s massive blow-up, Young Sheldon opted to delay the debut of the newborn. Luckily, ahead of The Big Bang Theory prequel’s next episode, CBS (via SpoilerTV) has released some promotional images for the outing, including one that gives the public their first look at Mandy and Georgie’s newborn. Check out the images below:

The primary narrative in “A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being” may have been the birth of baby Constance, however, there were also a lot of other things that happened in the episode, particularly when it came to Mary and George. After setting up their respective affairs for so long, Young Sheldon finally offered some payoff to them by seeing the Cooper parents confront each other about their respective relationships with Brenda and Rob.

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What Happens To Constance In The Big Bang Theory

Mandy and Georgie in Young Sheldon season 6 episode 7

Despite existing in the same reality, there are so many inconsistencies between Young Sheldon and TBBT. The arrival of Constance is great news for the Coopers, but it also worsens a long-persisting plot hole involving Mandy. Despite Sheldon’s penchant for sharing childhood stories and Georgie’s appearance in the nerd-centric sitcom, neither she nor Constance was ever mentioned raising questions about their whereabouts in the future.

Since they were never referenced in The Big Bang Theory, CBS is able to craft their story more creatively moving forward. Considering how ingrained Mandy has become in Young Sheldon‘s storytelling, she and Constance can continue to be an integral part of the family comedy. Sadly, the established canon mandates that over time, however, she and Georgie will split up — unless CBS opts to totally ignore The Big Bang Theory continuity.

Despite baby Constance’s arrival, the Coopers are heading a rough road ahead. The rest of Young Sheldon season 6 will be impacted by George and Mary’s big fight at the hospital. The only good news is, Sheldon’s cheating storyline about his dad won’t happen anytime soon. So while the Cooper parents’ marriage crumbles, hopefully, Young Sheldon is able to balance it out by actively rekindling the romance between Georgie and Mandy.

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Source: CBS (via SpoilerTV)

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