CBS releases a new Young Sheldon season 6 finale image that teases more drama for the Coopers. The Big Bang Theory spin-off is ending its current year with a show-changing event as Sheldon leaves Texas for Germany. Making up for its countless mini-breaks in 2023, the Young Sheldon season 6 finale will feature back-to-back episodes for a one-hour special.


In light of this, CBS releases a new set of Young Sheldon season 6 promotional stills, which teases more drama coming for Sheldon and his family. Check out the images below:

Previously, CBS released the trailer for the Young Sheldon season 6 finale, and it teases serious conflict between Sheldon and Missy. In the aforementioned batch of images, Sheldon is seen walking away from George and Mary, who appears to be in the middle of an argument.

What To Expect From The Young Sheldon Season 6 Finale

Missy and Sheldon in a fight in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale

For context, the back-to-back Young Sheldon episodes are titled “A Romantic Getaway and a Germanic Meat-Based Diet” and “A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring.” Based on these, expect that The Big Bang Theory prequel’s send-off will primarily be about the boy genius. This makes sense, considering how out of place he has been the whole season. This is likely Young Sheldon‘s final attempt at making him relevant.

The fans’ reaction to Young Sheldon season 6’s penultimate episode suggests that as suspected, many want Sheldon gone in Medford and the show in general. This is by no means Iain Armitage’s fault. He remains solid as the character. Instead, it’s the way Young Sheldon has been utilizing Sheldon in its storytelling. In the grand scheme of things, his arcs have been generally underwhelming compared to everything else in The Big Bang Theory prequel.

Whether there’s more to Young Sheldon beyond season 7 is uncertain at this point. With Sheldon’s college days ending, he is set to move to Pasadena to start post-grad at Caltech. It seems like the perfect time to wrap up the series, but CBS can also find a way to continue the show if it shifts its focus to the rest of the Coopers.

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