A new Young Sheldon season 6 finale behind-the-scenes image shows how Missy and George’s harrowing tornado scene was filmed. The Big Bang Theory prequel officially ended its year with a special two-episode capper. While they were mostly focused on Sheldon’s Germany trip, the tornado plotline arguably had a bigger impact since it involved most Cooper family members.


Raegan Revord took to Instagram to share a string of behind-the-scenes images from their time filming the episodes, including a look at the dummies used as doubles for Missy and George as they lay on the side of the road while the tornado passed in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale. Check out the photos below:

For context, George and Missy were on their way home after bringing Sheldon and Mary to the airport when they had to leave their car because of the tornado in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale. The pair had to lay flat on the ground to keep themselves safe, which proved to be the correct move since their car was carried away by the wind.

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George & Missy’s Scene Is Young Sheldon Season 6 Finale’s Best

Missy in bed in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale

It’s an understatement to say that the Young Sheldon season 6 finale was packed. It juggled multiple plotlines, including some big ones like Georgie and Mandy getting engaged. Missy, on the other hand, also got substantial focus after she was caught trying to sneak out again at night because Sheldon tattled about it. This created a rift between the Cooper twins that remains unresolved. Ultimately, it was Meemaw who had the most difficult time as she came home to her house wrecked by the tornado.

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Amid everything that happened in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale, George and Missy’s one-on-one were arguably the best. After the near-death experience, the only Cooper daughter broke down and started apologizing for acting out. She tearfully confessed that she loves her parents and she didn’t know why she had been rebelling. George consoled her, highlighting his special relationship with Missy. It’s curious, however, if this means that Missy is now also willing to forgive Sheldon for ratting her out.

Young Sheldon season 7 is already guaranteed, but it may be The Big Bang Theory spin-off’s last. This means that the family comedy has more than enough time to redeem Missy from her season 6 transgressions. Otherwise, CBS can just rebrand the show once Sheldon moves to California so that it focuses on his twin and the remaining Cooper family members

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