Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon 6, episode 15.With George’s cheating scandal looming on the horizon, Young Sheldon season 6 may have just explained Mary’s awful behavior in The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon’s mom was a fixture in The Big Bang Theory, functioning as a regular guest star. She often visited his son in Pasadena, California, especially when he was having some difficulties in earlier seasons. Later on, however, Sheldon would return home to check up on her house in Texas. Throughout her appearances in The Big Bang Theory, Mary was relentless in criticizing her late husband, George, giving the Cooper patriarch a bad image — something that Young Sheldon continues to contradict.

The difference in George’s depiction between the shows is controversial. While Young Sheldon has created many TBBT plot holes in the past, this is arguably the most glaring one because it directly challenges Mary’s credibility. This becomes more problematic when the Cooper mom is shown with her own flaws in the prequel, not to mention a possible emotional affair with Pastor Rob. It’s almost as if Mary ragged on George in The Big Bang Theory to hide her own mistakes in their marriage. However, Young Sheldon season 6 offers a solid explanation for her awful behavior when talking about her dead husband in The Big Bang Theory.

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George Promises Mary He Would Never Cheat (But He Eventually Does)

Young Sheldon season 6 Brenda Pastor Rob George Sr and Mary

After George and Mary’s big blow-up, Young Sheldon‘s “Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame” deals with the fallout from their argument. Mary has been vilified to justify George’s cheating scandal by bringing back Pastor Rob. Since then, however, the CBS family sitcom has started to cast a less harsh light on her. During Mary’s heartbreaking conversation with George about their attraction to other people, she admits having feelings for Pastor Rob but reiterates that she won’t act on it. When she asks George about the same thing regarding Brenda, he mirrors her sentiment, saying that he will never cheat, which isn’t the case.

This makes George’s impending cheating scandal worse. Regardless if he ends up having an affair with Brenda, The Big Bang Theory continuity establishes that he will engage in an extra-marital relationship before his subsequent death. It’s totally understandable that Mary would feel so betrayed when she finds out that her husband is having an affair after looking her in the eye and promising her that he won’t do it. Despite the recent Young Sheldon timeline issue, George’s cheating scandal is about to come sooner rather than later. Between betraying and leaving her to raise a family, Mary’s negative attitude toward her late husband in The Big Bang Theory is not unexpected.

Mary Takes Accountability For Her Attraction To Rob

Young Sheldon George Sr and Mary hugging with Brenda and Pastor Rob on the side

For a time, Young Sheldon‘s depiction of Mary was unflattering. She was judgmental and self-centered which caused problems in her marriage, and even her relationship with her kids, particularly Missy. That being said, ever since she was forced out of the church by Pastor Jeff in Young Sheldon season 5, her overall demeanor changed. She became more relaxed and fun to hang out with. Her marriage even improved, as she and George rekindled their romance. This positive transformation for Mary highlighted how the church had been Young Sheldon‘s true villain.

Despite some of her questionable choices in Young Sheldon season 6, however, at least Mary takes accountability for her wrong actions. During her conversation with George, she admits to being attracted to her, which is a bold thing to do considering the precarious state of their marriage. However, coming clean is the only way that they could really save their relationship as it allows them to finally tackle the root of the problem. Mary’s willingness to own up to her mistakes means she is making an effort to salvage her marriage.

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What’s Next For Mary & George In Young SheldonShowrunner Steve Holland reveals that the rest of Young Sheldon season 6 deals with the fallout from George and Mary’s conflict. This means that The Big Bang Theory prequel will lean on this uncomfortable time in the Cooper family history as they gear up for the show’s possible final year with season 7. Young Sheldon season 6 won’t tackle George’s cheating story, however, which means that there’s still a possibility for reconciliation for the pair before his inevitable death. Perhaps Missy running away from home in Young Sheldon could bring them back together as their shared love for their daughter gives them a clear perspective of how important their family is to them.

Young Sheldon season 6 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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