Warning! Spoiler ahead for Young Sheldon season 6, episode 14. Surprisingly, Young Sheldon season 6 explains one of the rare times that Sheldon was absent in The Big Bang Theory. While the nerd-centric sitcom was technically an ensemble show, it became increasingly clear that Sheldon was its true lead character. He had been mostly at the center of its main narratives, and even when he was relegated to a supporting role, he was still integral to the plot. Given this, the character had appeared in all episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but one particular instance not only made him scarce but separated him from the rest of his friends.


More than being a spin-off, Young Sheldon functions as an origin story to Sheldon. The CBS family show provides explanations for some of his quirks and oddities. That includes why he really hated Howard and engineering in the nerd-centric sitcom. Meanwhile, Paige’s Young Sheldon story is a cautionary tale, showing how dark The Big Bang Theory could have been if Sheldon didn’t meet his friends. The prequel offers an idea of what the impact would have been like on him, but CBS had actually already explored the idea from the rest of the Pasadena gang’s perspective.

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Young Sheldon Explains Why Sheldon Was Recruited To Help With Missy’s TBBT Labor

Sheldon holding Baby Constance in Young Sheldon season 6

In The Big Bang Theory‘s “The Cooper Extraction,” Sheldon’s friends wondered what their lives would have been without him, all while they had to unexpectedly spend a couple of days with him out of town. In the episode, he went back to Texas to help with the birth of Missy’s kid, and it was the only episode where he came back alone and one of the rare ones in that he was separated from the rest of the Pasadena gang. It’s odd that Sheldon was recruited for the job considering his quirks, but Young Sheldon season 6 reveals the reason why: his previous experience helping Mandy go into labor.

Despite his selfish tendencies because his grant database is also launching the same day that his niece is born, the socially-inept genius is actually quite helpful after Mandy called for help. Granted that he naively tries to deliver the baby, even wearing dishwashing gloves before coming over to Meemaw’s house, but that makes sense since he is out of his depth. The important thing is that he is willing to help his “Nibilingo.” When he realizes that Mandy is in no shape to drive them to the hospital, the boy genius improvises and calls for Brenda Sparks’ help instead.

How Young Sheldon Changes Sheldon & Missy’s Relationship

Sheldon and Missy at a frat party in Young Sheldon

Missy’s introduction in The Big Bang Theory was a big surprise, especially to his friends, since she wasn’t anything like her brother. As Young Sheldon continues to fail Missy, it has also missed an opportunity to further develop the pair’s dynamic. Despite that, however, the prequel has shown that they have a great childhood relationship. In the season 5 finale, Sheldon sought his sister when he developed a sudden fear of the future, emphasizing that Missy has been his emotional support while growing up in Texas. There was no hint of this whatsoever when they reunited on-screen in The Big Bang Theory.

Instead, Sheldon was quite dismissive of his sister when she visited Pasadena. He talked over her and dismissed her stories. While the prodigy had the tendency to loom over people, Young Sheldon makes his attitude towards Missy in The Big Bang Theory unacceptable. Mary and George’s daughter didn’t seem to mind that she was poorly treated, but it still doesn’t make Sheldon’s behavior okay.

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