Netflix’s You season 4, part 1 proves popular with fans. Will this popularity convince the creators to keep the show going or has Joe’s luck run out?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for You season 4, part 1!The success of You season 4, part 1 could create a problem for the series. You season 4, part 1 diverges from the You formula and puts Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) in the middle of a whodunit. Instead of Joe stalking his obsession, Joe is being stalked by the mysterious Eat The Rich killer. However, the positive responses to the You season 4 changes may convince Netflix to continue past the show’s expiration date. In a recent interview with Happy Sad Confused, Badgley said he could only see them doing one more season after You season 4.

Badgley also admitted he signed a six-year contract, which means You could go on for two more seasons. Yet, You season 4 and its many deaths seem to be setting up Joe for his reckoning. Joe may be actively trying to change his ways, but this doesn’t make up for his heinous actions at the beginning of the series. You season 4, part 1 proves that Joe is a compelling main character, even when he isn’t being a creep, but if Joe becomes a hero versus an anti-hero, it betrays what You was originally about.

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You Season 4’s Success Could Artificially Extend The Show

A poster for You season 4 featuring Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

The continued strong success of You could convince Netflix and the show’s creators to keep the series going beyond its clear story framing of Joe evading capture until he is eventually tracked down. Since You season 1, Joe has been running from his past, but with each close call, Joe comes closer to being caught. After all, Rhys is able to figure out Joe’s true identity and connect all of his crimes in You season 4, part 1. This means that Joe wasn’t as careful as he thought, and with Rhys’ political involvement, the likelihood that Joe will be able to reveal Rhys’ secrets before Rhys reveals Joe’s is very low.

If Netflix extends You, it could create issues the way extending the story appears to have for Dexter: New Blood, given the reception to the series’ finale. You has already been called out for following Dexter a little closely, given the similar premise. However, You can choose not to follow in Dexter’s footsteps, by not letting Joe overstay his welcome. Even before Dexter: New Blood entered the Dexter franchise, there were some fans who believe Dexter should’ve ended after the Trinity Killer arc. Dexter season 8 had poor reviews from critics and fans, as well as an unsatisfactory finale. Dexter: New Blood’s attempt to rectify the finale only polarized audiences further from the franchise.

Why You Season 4 Needs To Stick To Its Main Storyline

Joe Rhys killer You season 4 theory

You season 4, part 1 sets up Joe to finally be caught. You season 4, part 2 trailer showcases the return of Love, whether this is a dream sequence or reality, it shows that Joe needs to come to terms with his actions. Additionally, Rhys appears to be trying to get Joe to be his friend. Rhys’ desperation for a friend puts Joe in an interesting position because it means Joe will have to come to terms with who he really is. Since You season 4, part 1 depicts Joe horrified with Rhys’ behavior, You season 4, part 2 will likely explore Joe coming to terms with who he really is.

The framing of You season 4, part 1 seems to put Joe in a position where he must actively choose to reject the part of him that resembles Rhys. This means Joe will likely have to do a truly selfless act that proves he isn’t like Rhys. However, if Netflix is swayed by You season 4’s success, the show could go on by redeeming Joe and making him the hero of the show. Whatever Netflix decides, much more will be clearer when You season 4, part 2 premieres on March 9th.

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