Warning: This post contains spoilers for You season 4, part 2!You star Tati Gabrielle explains what kind of ending Joe deserves. In a shocking turn of events, the second half of season 4 revealed that Marienne never boarded the train to Paris, but was drugged and eventually trapped in a glass cage. Spending days beneath an abandoned building, the character struggled with the thought of never seeing her daughter again. For Joe (Penn Badgley), not only was he unable to move on, but after hitting his head, he began to envision Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) as being culpable for the “Eat the Rich” murders.

Despite Joe’s decision to end his own life at the end of You season 4, he ultimately survived, indicating there may be more to his story. In a recent interview with TV Insider, Gabrielle talks about the possibility of Joe dying by the end of the series. She reveals why she is against the idea, explaining that being forced to think about what he has done would be a better outcome. Read Gabrielle’s comments regarding Joe’s potential ending below:

I don’t think that Joe should die at the end of the [series] because I think that’s too easy of an escape. It’s too easy of a punishment. I feel like that’s what Joe even wants, like he would prefer to die than to be locked up in jail, in a cage somewhere, and put in solitary confinement. But I think that’s what Joe deserves, having to sit with it. In my life in general, I’m not a punitive person. I think that if somebody does something to me and I respond to them with kindness, the guilt that they’re gonna feel from the fact that I didn’t respond back with the same aggression will be [more] punishment than I ever could with one or two words of malice. They could use those words of malice to justify themselves, and then they’re off about their day. So I feel that, especially with how much of a thinker Joe is, it would eat him alive. I think that’s a more fitting punishment.

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Will Joe Get Caught By The End Of You?

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You Season 4 in cemetery

For a moment, it seemed like Joe’s death in You season 4 would be an ending point for the show, but he was surprisingly rescued by a police boat and taken to a hospital. There, he was reunited with Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and confessed to past crimes, including the murder of Rhys. Because Kate is now in charge of her father’s company, she was able to clean his image, and with her by his side, it is worth wondering if Joe will ever be brought to justice by the end of You.

After seeing Rhys’ reflection in a window and given what was revealed about his mental state, Joe’s future beyond season 4 is unpredictable. You season 5 appears likely now, but even if Joe is able to resume life without false identities, there are still people who know about him. For example, Marienne faked her death and was reunited with her daughter. She was last shown reading the headline of an article focused on Joe and Love (Victoria Pedretti).

Another threat is Love’s family, who might not have the same resources as Kate, but could potentially be a problem for Joe moving forward, considering they had hired someone to kill him. With talk about wanting to change the world, it will be interesting to see what he and Kate do next, and if her fate eventually resembles that of his other victims. Should Netflix renew You for season 5, there will be plenty more twists ahead for Joe and those around him.

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