Warning: This article features SPOILERS for You!The You season finale managed to cover up Joe Goldberg’s murder spree once again, but the final episode still left a lot of loose ends and unanswered questions. To no one’s surprise, Joe is off the hook as his wealthy girlfriend, Kate Galvin, used her connections to cover up his murders, allowing Joe to kill off his alter ego Jonathan Moore and return to New York as Joe Goldberg. It turns out the Eat The Rich killer on the loose throughout You season 4 was actually Joe, who repeatedly blacked out every time he murdered one of the affluent Londoners, starting with Kate’s boyfriend, Malcolm Harding.

The ending of You season 4 gave audiences an update on every character of the season who didn’t end up a victim of Joe’s murder spree. However, the most interesting ending is for Joe and Kate, who seem to believe their happily ever after won’t get ruined by another streak of murders at the hands of Joe. Fortunately, the You protagonist has finally come to terms with his murderous ways. Unfortunately, he has no plans to stop murdering everyone who crosses his path. You season 4 had a lot of fun twists, but not every storyline had a proper ending by the season’s final episode.

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10 Does Joe Go Back To His Son, Henry?

Joe holding Henry in You

One big mystery You season 4 left unanswered is what will happy to Joe’s son Henry. You season 3 followed Joe and Love Quinn raising their son together. Despite Joe’s growing intolerance for his wife, which ultimately led to her murder, he loved Henry and wanted the best for him. He planned to run off with his son, but when he faked his own murder to frame Love for a murder-suicide, he had to give up his son to his friends Dante and Lansing.

Now that the world knows Joe is alive, they’ll expect him to reunite with his son and try to gain custody of him. Unfortunately, You season 4 doesn’t give any hints as to if Joe plans to get Henry back. It seems that would be a #1 question from interviewers or that Dante and Lansing would immediately reach out after learning Joe is still alive. If You returns for a fifth season, this will have to be addressed.

9 Why Doesn’t Marienne Turn Joe In?

Will Marienne Return In You Season 4 Part 2

In order to keep Joe’s story going, every season must end with him miraculously finding his way out of trouble. After all, no one wants to watch a season of Joe sitting in prison unless he has a master escape plan. However, it doesn’t always add up that no one ever turns Joe in. This season Joe captured Marienne and locked her away in his glass box, though he has no recollection of this because he blacked out when he did it. Joe’s student Nadia finds Marienne, and they create a plan to help her escape and reunite with her daughter.

At the end of You season 4, Joe unknowingly assures viewers that Marienne is safe in Paris with her daughter, and she’s also heard the news about Joe’s reinvention; however, she simply scuffs at the news article and goes on with her day. After being captured by Joe and escaping, one would think Marienne’s first order of business, other than reconnecting with her daughter, would be to contact the police. After all, Joe has killed many people who have found out about his murders to prevent them from telling the police. Marienne may contact authorities in the future, but as of the You season 4 finale, Joe is off the hook.

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8 What Happened To Elliot?

Joe Goldberg looking confused in You season 4

Elliot showed quickly into You season 4 and disappeared just as fast. He was hired by Love’s father to kill Joe for killing his daughter, except Elliot didn’t want to kill Joe. Instead, he helped the You protagonist create a new identity while promising to tell Love’s father that he did kill him. Unfortunately, the ending of You blows his cover. Apparently, Joe didn’t think things through when he came up with his plan. Love’s father is sure to find out Joe is alive, and this will put Joe and Elliot in danger. The You season 4 finale didn’t offer an update on Elliot, but it’s unlikely he’s happy about Joe’s return.

7 Why Doesn’t Kate Care That Joe’s A Killer?

You season 4 Joe and Kate

Kate shows up at the hospital after Joe’s failed suicide attempt, where he confesses to his murderous past. Like Love, Kate didn’t run and try to report Joe for being a killer. In fact, she didn’t even flinch when he told her. Kate used all her authority to cover up Joe’s past, but the You season 4 finale doesn’t explain why Kate was so quick to accept Joe’s murders. Kate had no problem covering up Rhys’ death as she thinks her father made Joe do it. The ending also suggests she knows Joe killed Love, but she’s oddly not afraid he might kill her too.

6 Does Kate Know The Full Extent Of Joe’s Murders?

You season 4 character Kate

Kate’s ability to accept Joe’s past and mastermind a plan to clear his name raises the question, does Kate know the full extent of Joe’s murderous past? The You season 4 finale doesn’t clarify this. It’s hard to remember everyone Joe has killed since You premiered in 2018, but Beck and her friends, his ex-girlfriend Candace, and Love’s brother Forty are some of the most significant. If Kate does know, she might be just as crazy as he is, especially if she found out about Marienne and Joe’s infamous glass box.

5 Will Joe’s History Come Up In New York?

You season 1's Joe and Beck

Joe’s greatest achievement is escaping consequences by lying and fleeing the scene. In You season 2, Joe moved to Los Angeles after Beck’s death.. However, now that he and Kate are back in New York, will his past catch up to him? The You season 4 finale doesn’t address how dangerous it is for Joe to return to the city where everything started, especially with Kate. If she doesn’t know all the information about Joe’s murders, New York is the perfect place for her to start digging, and with his name all over the news, Joe could find himself in quite a big mess if the truth starts coming out.

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4 How Did Kate Cover Up Joe’s Past?

You season 4's Joe and Kate

During Joe’s You season 4 finale narration, he lists a cybersecurity team, publicists, and bribing the police chief as a few of the ways Kate helped him get out of trouble. However, You‘s season 4 finale doesn’t go into much detail about how Kate got away with all of this. Of course, money talks, and wealth has helped a lot of shady people get out of trouble in the world, but with Joe’s dark past, just how many strings did Kate have to pull to clear his name? Joe isn’t a corrupt politician or a rich man committing tax fraud, he’s a Jeffrey Dahmer-level serial killer, and the finale offers no in-depth look at how Kate was able to craft Joe’s innocence.

3 Will Nadia Ever Tell The Truth?

You Season 4 Nadia Crime Scene

Lucky for Joe, out of all his fellow Londoners, he picked the right victim in You season 4, framing Nadia for killing her friend Eddie after Joe found out both of them were investigating him and his murders. Joe mentions Nadia didn’t attempt to defend herself and is serving prison time for a crime he committed.

Nadia was so determined to prove Joe guilty that it was unusual that she would take the blame for his crimes. She may have been in a state of shock at the time of arrest, but eventually, she might start talking, and if that happens, Joe and Kate better have another plan up their sleeves. The finale didn’t elaborate on Nadia’s fate, but there are many roads the show can go down with the character.

2 Is Imaginary Rhys Still Haunting Joe?

You Season 4 Part 2 Rhys and Joe Goldberg

After murdering Rhys, the You main character starts hallucinating him everywhere he goes, as if he’s being haunted by his ghost. Toward the end of the finale, Joe pushes the imaginary Rhys off a bridge, seemingly freeing himself of the hallucination. However, at the end of the episode, Joe looks out the window and sees Rhys’ reflection staring back at him, hinting that maybe he’s not free of Rhys after all. It’s unclear why, of all Joe’s victims, Rhys is the one following him around, but if You comes back for another season, Joe might find his London friend has followed him to the city that never sleeps.

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1 Will Joe Go After Marienne Again?

Marienne looking worried in a Close-up In You season 4

As far as Joe knows, Marienne is dead. However, if he can come back to life, so can she, and she better hope he never finds out that she faked her death. However, if Joe does find out Marienne is still alive, he might try to reunite with her for the You season 3 relationship he planned to have before she found out who he really was. This will put a strain on Joe’s relationship with Kate.

You season 4 offered a fresh story with a pretty satisfying ending. Unfortunately, the finale left a lot of questions unanswered, making some of the storylines feel incomplete. The good news is ifYoucomes back for another season, the show has plenty of material.

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