Warning: This article features SPOILERS for You!Netflix’s hit psychological thriller You released season 4 in two parts, and the You season 4 cast is full of exciting new characters. With Joe’s (Penn Badgley) “death” in the finale of season 3, he assumed a new identity to start a new life after fleeing the country, presenting plenty of opportunities for new characters in the new season. The season takes place in London, though the third season left with Joe moving to France in search of Marianne (Tati Gabrielle)

With Joe pursuing a new life in You season 4, the thriller brought a new identity for the main character with the name “Jonathan Moore” (Joe’s alias) and a slew of new characters. Riding on the massive hype garnered by the shocking ending of You season 3, You season 4 has introduced a series of new characters that “Jonathan” encounters while highlighting exactly how the London elite affect his life and possibly uncover his past crimes. Here’s the You season 4 cast and character guide.

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Penn Badgley As Joe Goldberg/Professor Jonathan Moore

Penn Badgley as Joe looking worried in You season 4

What would the You season 4 cast be without Penn Badgley’s (Gossip Girl) Joe Goldberg? With the “death” of Joe at the end of season 3, You‘s main character assumed the name of Jonathan Moore while creating his life in London. Joe becomes a professor in London, continuing to pursue his passion for literature in the academic field.

Considering that Joe is well-versed in literature, a characteristic bolstered by him becoming friends with an author while in London, this is a role that suits him. Joe/Professor Moore declares that he is no longer chasing unrequited love, instead focusing on his professional life, signifying that maybe it’s time for You to end. However, it’s not long after Joe goes back to his old ways.

Charlotte Ritchie as Kate

Joe and Kate standing next to eachother in You season 4

English actress Charlotte Ritchie joins the You season 4 cast as Kate, an art gallery director who is also well-off and has a steely personality. Kate is Joe’s new foil, as she quickly distrusts him since he infiltrates their high society circle without having wealth or connections. Unfortunately, Joe forgoes his mantra of “No love. No people. Just books” as Kate becomes his latest endeavor in fatal attraction. Ritchie has credits in both seasons of Netflix’s Feel Good, making You her second Netflix appearance. She has also starred in season 7 of Grantchester, a period detective drama set in the 1950s that’s popular in the UK.

Lukas Gage as Adam

Joe and Adam close-up in You season 4

Adam, portrayed by Lukas Gage, is a major part of the You season 4 cast. The son of a wealthy family, Adam parties hard, while struggling to meet his family’s standards. Lukas Gage is better known for his role as Tyler, a recurring character in the Zendaya-led TV show Euphoria who is frequently targeted by Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi), one of the series’ villains. Aside from Euphoria, Gage also plays a memorable role of Dillon in the ensemble cast of HBO’s surprise hit The White Lotus.

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Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia

Nadia in You season 4 looking smug

Actress Amy-Leigh Hickman portrays Nadia in the You season 4 cast, a student majoring in literature who is connected to her new professor, and stumbles across one of his darkest secrets. She quickly becomes one of the top students in Joe’s class, thanks to her argumentative yet inquisitive nature and aspirations to be a serious author. Hickman is known for her credits in the BBC drama Our Girl, as well as the British anthology series Innocent.

Ed Speleers as Rhys

Rhys holding memoir in You season 4

Rhys is an author in the You season 4 cast who Joe connects with through his passion for literature, played by Ed Speleers. Rhys is initially described by Joe as a like-minded colleague with whom he spends time and swaps ideas, but it is soon found out that Rhys is not everything he seems. An English actor and producer, Speleers is best known for his role as Stephen Bonnet, the antagonist in the series Outlander. He also has credits in Downton Abbey and Wolf Hall, an adaptation of the Hilary Mantel novels.

Tati Gabrielle As Marienne

Marienne looking worried in a Close-up In You season 4

Tati Gabrielle returns to the You season 4 cast as Marienne, Joe’s love interest from You season 3 that fled the country with her daughter. Despite Joe’s claims of turning over a new leaf, Marienne and Joe find themselves reunited, much to her terror, and she ends up in an all too familiar compromising position. Tati Gabrielle is mainly known for playing Prudence in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina but has also appeared opposite Tom Holland in Uncharted, as well as Kaleidoscope and The Emoji Movie.

Netflix’s You Supporting Cast & Characters

Gemma pointing at the camera in You season 4

Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe – Also known as Phoebe Borehall-Blaxworth, the London socialite in the You season 4 cast has been rich and famous since a very early age. Despite this, she is good-natured, albeit a bit of a wild card, and is consistently supportive of her boyfriend Adam’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Tilly Keeper can be seen as Louise Mitchell in the show EastEnders, but has also appeared in the film Marooned Awakening and R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned.

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Aidan Cheng as Simon – Simon Soo is an artist in the You season 4 cast, who is working alongside Kate to open his new exhibition. As the son of a tech entrepreneur, Simon fits in comfortably with London’s elite but doesn’t take kindly to Joe upon first meeting him. Outside of starring in You season 4, Aiden Cheng has played roles in various television shows, such as Silent Witness, Devils, and The Girlfriend Experience.

Niccy Lin as Sophie – Niccy Lin joins the You season 4 cast as Sophie Soo, Simon’s sister, and popular social media influencer. She is incredibly protective over her brother, while simultaneously being much kinder than he is. In addition, she and Malcolm pointedly don’t get along. Niccy Lin can be seen in a variety of TV shows, movies, and shorts, including an episode of The Great, Drifters, and Lockdown King.

Ozioma Whenu as Blessing – Blessing Bosede is a Nigerian princess who also has spent a substantial amount of time in academia, earning herself several post-graduate degrees. As an investor who focuses on cryptocurrency, Blessing fits in well with the social elite and has similar distasteful qualities, such as a lack of empathy for those who are down on their luck. Ozioma Whenu is part of the You season 4 cast, but has also appeared in The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Eve Austin as Gemma – Eve Austin is part of the You season 4 cast as the insufferable socialite Gemma Graham-Greene. Despite being canceled numerous times on social media for offensive tweets (not dissimilar to Kate Hudson’s character in Knives Out 2), she’s always ready and invited to the next gala or social event. Eve Austin can also be seen in The Athena, Print, and Emmerdale Farm.

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Dario Coates as Connie – Connie finds himself as another affluent member of the Oxford friend group in the You season 4 cast, which Joe finds himself unwittingly a part of. Ever the typical socialite, Connie is a hard partier and also enjoys betting on horses. Dario Coates has participated in several video game voiceovers, such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Total War: Warhammer 3, but can also be seen in Coronation Street, one of the longest-running TV shows.

Stephen Hagan as Malcolm – Malcolm is the character that introduces Joe to the Oxford friend group, as a fellow professor himself. Part of the You season 4 cast, Malcolm is introduced as Kate’s boyfriend and quite an aggressive party boy. Like the rest of the Oxford group, Malcolm was born into substantial wealth. Stephen Hagan is an Irish actor known for Injustice, Zoo, and Hope Street.

Adam James as Elliot Tannenberg – The character of Elliot Tannenberg in the You season 4 cast represents a major snag in Joe’s overall plan, as he’s a family fixer for the Quinn family from back in California. He does catch up to Joe, and the two have an anxiety-inducing conversation. Adam James can also be seen in the miniseries Treason, The Suspect, and Hotel Portofino.

Sean Pertwee as Vic – Vic is a minor character in the You season 4 cast, but his role is no less important. Vic is Adam’s personal driver and bodyguard. He is fiercely protective of his charge, as well as the secrets that the Oxford friend group holds. If Sean Pertwee’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he played Alfred Pennyworth in the television series Gotham. Pertwee has also starred in The Invitation and The Reckoning.

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Ben Wiggins as Roald – Ben Wiggins plays Roald Walker-Burton in the You season 4 cast, an aristocrat and close confidante of Kate. It’s alluded to that Roald could have some dangerous tendencies, something that Joe is eager to explore. Ben Wiggins has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including Anna and the Apocalypse, Mary Queen of Scots, and an episode as the Adonis, one of the scariest monsters in The Witcher.

Brad Alexander as Edward – Brad Alexander joins the You season 4 cast as Edward, a fellow student and academic rival to Nadia. Edward himself is the offspring of a powerful media proprietor, a status he uses to his advantage. Brad Alexander is a newcomer to the industry, with his first acting credit being that of his character Edward on You.

Alison Pargeter as Dawn – Dawn of the You season 4 cast is another character that poses a major problem for Joe and his anonymity. Dawn is a paparazzi who follows the Oxford friend group relentlessly. The fact that she is around all of the time could prove a problem for Joe as he ingratiated himself into the Oxford elite. Alison Pargeter had a stint on EastEnders, and also appeared in Catch-22 and the HBO miniseries Chernobyl.

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