Nintendo is known to keep its games and content family friendly, but an Animal Crossing secret in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom departs from that reputation in a rather sinister fashion. The islanders from Animal Crossing: New Horizons don’t ever actually make an appearance in Hyrule, but nonetheless, some players have discovered a way in which it’s possible to eat the poor villagers in-game.


Animal Crossing characters aren’t the only ones being terrorized in the newest Zelda entry. A number of players have been continuing the Breath of the Wild trend of mistreating Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom – only this time with complete creative freedom (for better or for worse) thanks to Link’s new Ultrahand ability. The woodland creatures have been the brunt of some particularly sadistic inventions, but even they don’t compare to the fate of poor Animal Crossing villagers in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Three Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, laid out against a white background.

Horrifically, as bryannag63 has discovered on TikTok, using an Animal Crossing amiibo in TOTK will grant Link with various food items – including meat. These ingredients are invaluable to players, as they can be used to create the best recipes in Tears of the Kingdom, but the connotation of Animal Crossing villagers turning into meals is quite dark. As the name of the franchise implies, the adorable characters are in fact animals; there’s only one way in which they could become slabs of meat, and it’s not a pleasant image to behold.

An image of the Wolf Link Amiibo from Nintendo.

As morbid as it is, Animal Crossing amiibo aren’t the only instance of unethical meat consumption in TOTK. Using the Wolf Link amiibo will drop an even larger amount of cooked meat, raw meat, or a combination of both. Thankfully, the amiibo has a slim chance to drop a Twilight Princess-themed fabric for the Paraglider alongside the meat; but even with this possibility in mind, the carnivorous reward is quite a stark contrast to BOTW, where it would grant Link with a (living) canine companion instead.

With both Wolf Link and Animal Crossing villagers seemingly being sacrificed for the protagonist’s next meal, it looks like it’s a bad time to be a non-human in Hyrule. If players wish to spare the beloved characters from an unsavory fate, there are plenty of other amiibo rewards in Tears of the Kingdom that they can make use of instead. Otherwise, Link might want to think twice about what – or who – he’s eating.

Source: bryannag63/TikTok

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