A detailed Yellowstone report dives deep behind the scenes of the Kevin Costner drama that split the show and left rumors of Costner’s resignation.

A new report has emerged detailing the fraught relationship between Yellowstone star Kevin Costner and the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan. With rumors having emerged that Yellowstone is getting ready to end, thanks to the exit of Costner, speculation has been swelling about the relationship between the two. Plans to introduce Matthew McConaughey to the franchise and move several members of the Yellowstone cast over have already been leaked, and early reports indicated that scheduling drama is at the heart of a potential cancelation decision.

Yet Puck reports that, while a Yellowstone filming delay is playing a role, there are several opposing sides at heart in the drama surrounding Paramount’s chief Western. Costner is currently attempting to work on writing, directing, and starring in Horizon 2, the sequel to an unreleased film, which has been a massive headache for Sheridan, who doesn’t know if he will have his star in time to write the second half of the season. With Sheridan’s side arguing that Costner only made himself available to film for one week, Costner’s side is disputing that claim and arguing that he has been doing nothing more than following his contract.

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More About Costner’s Yellowstone Report

John Dutton staring forward in Yellowstone

With the Costner-led Yellowstone reportedly ending over the drama, it is worth taking a look at both sides of the report. Sheridan and his allies, who have the support of Paramount, have been insistent on filming season 5B of Yellowstone and are accusing Costner of a heavy ego, mixed with greed. Reportedly, Costner attempted to give advice to Sheridan after Yellowstone‘s success and began asking for more and more money for promotional events and each episode, which didn’t please the creator.

Sheridan also alleges that Costner contracted COVID-19 while running a Yellowstone promotional event at the Calgary Stampede. Forced away from set due to his illness, Costner allegedly refused to extend his window for filming and left when the original time period elapsed. Costner disputes that claim entirely, specifying that he did extend his stay, abided by his contract, and that filming was only delayed because Sheridan did not complete the writing of the show in time, potentially thanks to his Yellowstone spin-off obligations.

Disputes over Horizon 2 are also ongoing, as Paramount believed that, should it distribute Horizon, Costner would be more available. Yet, with Paramount suffering from economic woes and relying on Yellowstone and its spin-offs for a quarter of all Paramount+ viewers, it has begun to take Sheridan’s side in the drama. Paramount is currently planning for Costner to leave Yellowstone, so it looks like the relationship is at its breaking point, and the situation is only continuing to worsen.

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