Yellowjackets season 2 is set to release nearly two years after the Showtime Original premiered in late 2021. This longer-than-average gap of time makes Shauna and the other survivors’ stories blur together, particularly in a show that intends to be ambiguous and full of mystery. Yellowjackets season 1 certainly ended with several cliffhangers and left views with many unanswered questions.

Yellowjackets frequently switches between the 1996 crash and the present, following both survivors in the present day and diving into secrets from the past. Due to the opening of Yellowjackets season 1 and the disturbing behavior displayed at the “Doomcoming” party in episode 9, Yellowjackets season 1 makes it clear that something terrible happened in the woods – and certain survivors will stop at nothing to keep their secrets. Before the release of Yellowjackets season 2, there are certain plot points that are important to remember.

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10 Shauna’s Husband Blackmailed The Group

A composite image of Shauna and Jeff in Yellowjackets

One of the mysteries of Yellowjackets season 1 is who is blackmailing the group of survivors. Natalie assumes that the blackmailer also murdered Travis, who she believes did not kill himself. However, in Yellowjackets episode 9, Shauna finds out Adam was looking into their past and kills him. After killing him, her husband Jeff admits that he was blackmailing the group because his furniture store was going out of business.

This Yellowjackets episode 9 twist reveals that Jeff hasn’t changed much from his teenage self, a devious man who impregnated Shauna while dating her best friend Jackie. This also shows that Jeff knows of his wife’s violent tendencies and the two work surprisingly well together in a crisis. It raises the question of how often the two of them had to clean up each other’s messes.

9 Shauna Killed Adam And Covered Up Jeff’s Crimes

Shauna and Adam at a table drinking martinis in Yellowjackets

Shauna is understandably shocked about Jeff’s actions, but she decides to cover up his crimes. She tells Natalie, Taissa, and Misty that Adam was the blackmailer, leaving out her husband’s involvement. The three accept her word and help her take care of the body. The Yellowjackets season 1 finale doesn’t indicate that Shauna will tell them any time soon.

Shauna and Jeff have been together since high school. While they share secrets from one another, this action also shows Shauna’s dedication to her husband. Shauna may have been friends with the girls at one point, but she is still looking out for her own interests.

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8 Misty Poisoned Jessica

Jessica in Yellowjackets

Jessica poses as a reporter hired by Taissa to find out if anyone would spill the secrets about their time in the wilderness. Misty proves to be too clever for Jessica, not only locking her up but also poisoning her cigarettes. Misty ends up letting Jessica go, but Jessica doesn’t realize that her cigarettes were laced with fentanyl which leads to a car crash as she attempts to escape.

Misty’s behavior in Yellowjackets season 1 shows how she grew up to be both manipulative and violent. Since Jessica threatened Misty’s pet bird Caligula it’s not a surprise that Misty took action against Jessica. Misty could’ve easily killed Jessica, but instead, she chose to toy with her emotions and pretend to let her go. From Misty’s actions thus far, it seems that Misty has much more fun taking the unconventional option.

7 Lottie Was Revealed To Be The Antler Queen

Lottie as the antler queen in Yellowjackets

Since the Antler Queen’s appearance in the first episode, fans speculated who could be the leader of the cannibals. However, in Yellowjackets episode 9, Lottie is revealed to be the Antler Queen. In this episode, Lottie’s visions during her accidental mushroom trip lead her to chase Travis declaring that he is a stag who must be captured.

In addition to Lottie’s disturbing dreams and visions during the Doomcoming party, she kills a bear. In the Yellowjackets finale, it is shown that Lottie, Misty, and Van offer the bear’s heart as a sacrifice to the wilderness. As Lottie places the heart at the stump of a tree, she says in French “and let the darkness set us free.” With the Yellowjackets episode 1 opening scene in mind, this action foreshadows the darkness that will follow the group, possibly beyond the wilderness.

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6 Lottie Emptied Travis’ Bank Account

Lottie in Yellowjackets

With a strong belief that Travis did not kill himself, Natalie investigates his death and convinces a bank teller named Suzie to give her information on Travis’ account who initially refuses. Natalie resorts to blackmail and Suzie informs her that Lottie emptied Travis’ account the day he died. This means that Lottie is alive and likely the one who murdered Travis.

Simone Kessell will play Lottie in the present day timeline which means season 2 may very well focus on Lottie along with the other survivors. Lottie’s disturbing behavior in the wilderness likely means that she never stopped having visions and may be potentially a big problem for the girls, especially if Lottie is involved with the group that kidnaped Natalie and murdered Travis.

5 Javi Hasn’t Been Seen Since Doomcoming Party

Natalie, Javi, and Travis sitting together in Yellowjackets

The youngest victim of the ‘96 plane crash is Travis’ younger brother Javi who appears to be missing. While Javi had some character development earlier in Yellowjackets season 1, during the Doomcoming party, he witnesses Lottie chase his brother calling him a stag. Accidentally tripping on mushrooms, Shauna tells Javi to run, and he isn’t seen again.

Javi’s role at the beginning of Yellowjackets makes his sudden disappearance seem strange. Javi’s disappearance is one of the many questions that Yellowjackets season 2 must answer. It is likely that Javi could’ve died offscreen, but that would be too similar to Jackie’s fate.

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4 Jackie Froze To Death

Frozen Jackie in Yellowjackets

Jackie is the only one who didn’t consume the mushrooms since she refused to eat. However, her sober state causes her to let out feelings that she was bottling up. After a fight with Shauna, Jackie tells the group that she knew her boyfriend was sleeping with Shauna. She also tells the group off for how they chased Travis and scared him. Angry, she decides to sleep outside in the brutal cold.

Her stubbornness, combined with her lack of survival skills, make Jackie’s death not a surprise, but still tragic. Jackie froze to death outside, leaving her last words to be ones spoken in anger. Jackie’s best friend Shauna struggled to tell her about her relationship with her boyfriend but ultimately didn’t want to hurt her friend’s feelings. Leaving their friendship on such a negative note must be one of the many events that traumatized young Shauna.

3 Taissa Won The Senate Race

Taissa looking frustrated in Yellowjackets.

At the end of the Yellowjackets season 1, it’s revealed that Taissa won the senate race. Taissa’s run for senator is the reason that Jessica is investigating the group. Posing as a fake reporter, Jessica tracked down the remaining survivors to make sure no one would reveal Taissa’s secret.

Taissa’s decision to hire a fake reporter shows her dishonesty and reinforces that her political career is the most important thing to her. While Taissa winning the senate race may be good for her in short term, the Yellowjackets finale also reveals a secret altar in her basement with a human heart as well as their family dog’s decapitated head. There is an implication that Taissa could’ve sacrificed someone to win the senate, even potentially murdering her opponent. While there isn’t evidence to support this theory at this point in Yellowjackets, it could factor into season 2.

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2 Taissa Has A Secret Altar With A Human Heart

Composite image of Taissa and her secret altar in Yellowjackets

Taissa’s secret altar is found by her wife Simone who follows a trail of fresh blood to the basement. Since it isn’t probable the human heart is Taissa’s opponent, the human heart could be Adam’s as it fits the timeline. Although the group hid Adam’s body, Taissa could’ve dug up the grave later. Yellowjackets season 1 has shown Taissa sleepwalking in both the past and present, so the question then becomes was Taissa sleepwalking when she did these awful deeds.

In the present, Taissa hasn’t shown much violent behavior. While she is willing to help dispose of the body, it’s hard to believe she knowingly ripped the heart out of someone’s chest. Therefore, it is likely that Taissa did these actions while sleepwalking. Taissa’s sleepwalking phenomenon could be a result of the immense stress she is under, but it could also be supernaturally prompted.

1 Natalie Was Kidnaped By A Mysterious Group

Juliette Lewis as Natalie in Yellowjackets

At the end of the Yellowjackets season 1 finale, Natalie is kidnaped by a mysterious group wearing the same symbol seen in the woods earlier in the show. This same symbol was found in Travis’ home in the shape the candle marks made, so it seems likely that this same group killed Travis. Since Natalie is looking into Travis’ death, it’s probable that this group wants to murder her too. Since Lottie emptied Travis’ bank account on the day he died, it is likely that she is the one who killed Travis, and she is involved with this group.

The showhas many questions to answer in this upcoming season but with Yellowjackets confirmed for a third season, it might be that not everything that happened in the wilderness is revealed in season 2. Yellowjackets season 2 will definitely provide a compelling plot, but fans will have to wait until Sunday, March 26th to learn more about the ’96 crash and its consequences.

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