Warning: Potential SPOILERS for Wonder Woman #800DC has begun teasing Wonder Woman‘s brand-new era as part of the Dawn of DC initiative, and with it comes her just-announced daughter. But Trinity, daughter of Wonder Woman, represents so much more than just a new direction for her mother.


DC announced that Trinity the daughter of Wonder Woman, will debut in Wonder Woman #800 as part of a story by Tom King and Daniel Sampere, the team behind the upcoming Wonder Woman relaunch in September. The story, which will be set about twenty years in the future, will feature Trinity – real name Lizzie – as well as Damian Wayne and Jon Kent, the sons of Batman and Superman.

In an interview with IGN, Tom King discusses the origin of the “Trinity” codename, including what the name represents:

I had gone through fifty very bad names when [podcaster Darrell Taylor] said ‘Trinity’ and it just fit perfectly. She’d have three lassos; she would complete what Jon and Damian had started; she wasn’t another Wonder Woman, she was something new; and also, it was just cool.

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Justice League’s Trinity Have Raised a New Generation

Wonder Woman and her daughter Trinity

Trinity – a codename distinctly separate from the classic Wonder Girl mantle – is the latest in a long line of DC legacy characters, who are an essential part of the publisher’s cohesive universe. From Robin to Superboy to Aqualad, “sidekicks” and other young heroes are often major players in DC’s storytelling, and that’s rarely been more true in the wake of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, which sees the disbanding of the Justice League and the promotion of the Titans. Though Earth-0’s Wonder Woman has never had post-Crisis child before Trinity’s introduction, she’s had a long line of protegees, including Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, and Yara Flor. Now Trinity joins the ranks of DC’s legacy characters, and she’s being aligned very specifically with Robin Damian Wayne and Superman Jon Kent – the biological sons of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.

Damian, Jon & Lizzie Are a New Type of Trinity


As Tom King points out in his interview with IGN, the codename “Trinity” is more that just a name that sounds cool, and it represents more than just the character’s three lassos. In fact, the word “Trinity” has major history in the DCU, seeing as the core Justice League trio of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are often referred to as the Trinity. Even the name “Lizzie” has a boatload of history, as it references the wife of Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston. Now, with Lizzie’s introduction in the central DC Universe, she’s rounding out the new Trinity of Damian, Jon, and herself – DC’s next generation and the biological children of the world’s greatest heroes.

While Future State introduced a new Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman of the future, they didn’t truly form a new Trinity, and had little experience working together – indeed, the Justice League of the future hide their true identities from each other, and only grudgingly came together as a team. In contrast, the children of Justice League’s Trinity have a much clearer bond – while they may not end up taking their parents’ exact places on the Justice League, they are a new generation of the Trinity concept – one which can potentially embrace a ‘found sibling’ relationship as its core.

Dawn of DC Is a Seismic Shift in Superhero Lore

Dawn of DC Heroes

With this meaning behind her name, Trinity’s existence implies some sort of “completion” to the current DC era. With her capping off the next generation’s Trinity of biological children, DC’s future storytelling can kick off in earnest. How Wonder Woman ends up with a daughter – never mind one with three lassos and a superhero codename – is a mystery yet to be solved. To find out more about Trinity and her history, readers can check out Wonder Woman #800, available June 20, and Wonder Woman #1, available this September from DC Comics.

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