• Wonder Woman and Superman are both destined to outlive everyone they love, according to their horrifying visions.
  • A twisted doppelganger of Wonder Woman taunts her with images of battles and reminds her of her bloodthirsty nature.
  • Despite their bond, Wonder Woman and Superman would suffer greatly from the loss they would share as the only survivors in a future where everyone else has died.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #2!Sadly, Wonder Woman and Superman are destined to share a fate neither of them is particularly happy about. When confronting her biggest fears, Diana discovers the surprising future she and the Man of Steel meant for.

In Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #2 by Josie Campbell and Juan Ferreyra, Diana has been consumed by a twisted doppelganger who torments the hero with horrifying visions. The Medusa-like Wonder Woman taunts her counterpart, reminding Diana that for all her bluster about being peaceful, the Princess of Themyscira is a harbinger of war and violence. Wonder Woman is bombarded with images of battles as the evil copycat continues mocking Diana’s pain.

Wonder Woman Nightmare Vision DC

Wonder Woman fights back, insisting that the vision isn’t true and she isn’t a bloodthirsty conqueror. But the twisted Diana goes further, reminding Wonder Woman that she has the blood of Zeus running through her veins. The villain tells Diana that as a demigod, she’ll have no choice but to watch as everyone she loves dies. From her allies from Man’s World to the Amazons, Diana sees everyone she loves dead as her haunting mirror image gloats that this is Wonder Woman’s ultimate fate.

Wonder Woman Will Outlive Her Loved Ones

Wonder Woman Outliving Loved Ones DC

The DC Universe was hit hard by an unexpected, but unbelievably powerful enemy. After gaining powers from the storms of Lazarus Resin in Lazarus Planet, a metahuman named Insomnia sent out a powerful sleep spell that engulfed nearly every hero and villain on Earth. Even Wonder Woman fell to the Nightmare Wave, where she encountered one of Insomnia’s foot soldiers, the Sleepless Knights. Like Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman was attacked by a sinister clone who brought up all of Diana’s biggest anxieties and darkest fears.

Speaking of Superman, Clark’s encounter with a Sleepless Knight brought up a fear Diana can relate to. Superman fought a being known as the Super-Reaper, and it tormented the hero by telling him that the real reason Clark is known as the ‘Man of Tomorrow’ is because Superman is destined to outlive those he loves. Much like Wonder Woman, Superman also fears that he’s helpless and has no choice but to watch his family and friends die. Unfortunately for them, this is almost certainly going to be the case. Numerous glimpses into the future have seen both heroes alive and well long after everyone else has passed, leaving them the only two people to mourn the Earth.

Superman and Wonder Woman Will Only Have Each Other

Wonder Woman and Superman DC

One might think that it’d be a silver lining for Wonder Woman and Superman to at least have each other after everyone else has passed on. But despite their bond, the loss they’d share would outweigh anything else. Clark and Diana both have family, friends, and significant others that they couldn’t bear to see perish. Watching the rest of the world grow old and die is an experience no one should be forced to witness, but for two of the biggest icons in the DC Universe, it seems like their hellish future is carved in stone. Fans can see the fate Diana shares with Superman in Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #2, on sale now.

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