Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, returning to join the MCU for Deadpool 3, is bringing back one great part of how Logan (2017) portrayed the iconic mutant.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is coming to the MCU, and Deadpool 3 is bringing back one great thing about Logan (2017). Jackman’s last Wolverine appearance before Deadpool 3, Logan was designed as a sendoff for Jackman’s version of Wolverine, who had been a franchise mainstay since X-Men (2000). Despite Logan’s definitive ending, Jackman’s Wolverine will return with the help of time travel and now as part of the MCU.

Bringing Jackman’s Wolverine back after Logan could have been one of the MCU’s most divisive decisions. However, the prospect of seeing Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in a movie that is expected to involve not only time travel but also the multiverse is making any potential retcons worth it. Fortunately, Jackman’s Wolverine comeback is keeping one crucial aspect from Logan.


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Deadpool 3 Will Be R-Rated (Like Logan)

Deadpool and Logan

Deadpool 3 is confirmed to be R-Rated, making it only the second Wolverine-related film not to be PG-13. It was only in Logan, which premiered 17 years after Hugh Jackman’s first appearance as Wolverine in X-Men (2000), that the iconic X-Men team member was placed in an R-Rated film for the first time. Wolverine as a character is directly tied to a certain level of violence, which is often quite exaggerated in the comics and did not fit into most of Fox’s X-Men movies. Logan, on the other hand, presented a more grounded, brutal take on Wolverine, which would not have worked for a PG-13 movie.

Both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were R-Rated, and it has now become difficult to imagine any Deadpool movie being PG-13. Fortunately, the Deadpool series will continue its R-Rated tradition despite now being part of the MCU – a franchise in which all movie entries have so far been PG-13. The fact that Deadpool 3 will be R-Rated reveals how much trust the MCU has in the Deadpool series, as the PG-13 aspect of a movie helps at the box office. Not only is that good news for Deadpool, but it also makes sure that Wolverine’s MCU debut can build up from how Logan portrayed the character and his skills.

Hugh Jackman’s MCU Debut Could Be The Perfect Wolverine Adaptation

Custom image of Hugh Jackman angry as Wolverine and Deadpool.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine legacy predates the MCU and makes it almost impossible for the character to be recast, yet there is still room for the mutant with Adamantium claws to improve. While not much has been confirmed regarding Logan’s role in Deadpool 3, Hugh Jackman’s MCU character is the perfect opportunity for his version of Wolverine to receive the comic-accurate yellow suit. Deadpool 3 can also be the first time Jackman’s Wolverine interacts with a broader range of Marvel characters, which is not too far-fetched to imagine given how interconnected the MCU is. Almost 30 years after Jackman’s Wolverine debut, there are still sides of the character to be explored.

Deadpool 3 can combine Logan’s more brutal take on Wolverine with the fantastical and sci-fi aspects of the MCU in a way that no X-Men movie managed to. Between multiple in-universe reboots and confusing timelines, Fox’s X-Men movies were limited to mutants and their related characters. As such, after two decades of X-Men and Wolverine films, most possible stories and interactions involving Logan had already been done. Instead of going right into an X-Men movie reboot, the MCU is revisiting legacy Marvel characters with the help of the multiverse, meaning that Hugh Jackman can have one final – and unique – run as Wolverine.

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