Marvel has given fans some interesting alternative takes on Wolverine and Weapon X, but none has been quite as gruesome as “Weapon-S,” the secret anti-mutant creation of the Age of X: Universe.

The Age of X reality was created by the emergence of a new personality in the mutant known as Legion, creating a world where mutants were a dying race, and the X-Men never existed. In this bleak dystopia Magneto gathers all the surviving mutants together in Fortress-X to protect them from humanity (as always, seeking to wipe them out). Standing against them are the Avengers, following orders to exterminate Mutantkind once and for all… and to do it, they create “Weapon-S,” a mutant tracking monster named Victor Creed, outfitted with a truly unforgettable twist on Wolverine’s iconic claws.


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Wolverine’s Claws Are Matched By Sabretooth’s Tusks


As revealed in Age of X: Universe #1, by Simon Spurrier, Jim McCann, and Khoi Pham, Sabretooth is captured by the Human Coalition before being tortured and experimented on. There is a method to the torment, subjecting Sabretooth, prior to being renamed Weapon S, to similar programming and conditioning as was done to Wolverine in Marvel’s main continuity. Sabretooth was also finally grafted with the impossibly strong metal adamantium, but not in the form of Logan’s extendable claws. No, Weapon S is given tusks that extend out of his face. It’s a stomach-churning change on the Weapon X lore that shows how horrifying the Age of X reality truly is.

Creed of this new universe is said to have volunteered to work for the Avengers in exchange for his freedom, though he is shackled and hooked up to an electric shock device. So, it is unclear how much of a volunteer he actually is in the situation. Regardless, the mutant turncoat never gets a chance for freedom, for as soon as he served his purpose he is shocked and then smashed to death by the mutant-hating Hulk. Thus, proving how “mighty” the Avengers of this universe truly are.

In a world where the Avengers are this careless with the lives of others and mutants aren’t even seen as human, it’s no wonder they could create a horrifying monster like Weapon S. Sabretooth was turned into the Weapon X of the Age of X, and it is far more grotesque than anything that was ever done to Wolverine.

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