• Love Island USA season 5, episode 22 aired on Thursday night, with the islanders making their final connections before reuniting and making their decisions.
  • Marco chose to stay with his current partner Hannah Wright, despite a run-in with his ex-girlfriend. Rob pursued Carmen despite her initial resistance, while Kassy and Leonardo made connections with Matia and Johnnie.
  • The episode featured a game between Casa Amor and the main villa, where islanders had to complete tasks. Hannah expressed her hurt to Marco, and other islanders bonded and gossiped about each other’s relationships.

Love Island USA season 5, episode 22 gave islanders their last opportunity to find a connection as they will soon be reuniting and making their decision. So far, Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray has gotten to know bombshells but is still set on returning to Keenan Anunay while he has made a connection with Najah Fleary, despite saying he wanted to be exclusive with Kay Kay when she left for Casa Amor. Kassy Castillo and Leonardo Dionicio also made connections at the villa with Matia Marcantuoni and Johnnie Garcia.

Meanwhile, Marco Donatelli had an awkward run-in with his ex-girlfriend Hannah Ortega, but she couldn’t tempt him, and he chose to stay with his current partner Hannah Wright. As their time at Casa Amor ends, Robert “Rob” Rausch has made it clear he has feelings for Carmen Kokourek, even if she’s pretty committed to Kenzo Ludo. Things only intensified for the islanders and bombshells on the latest Love Island USA episode.

What Day & Time Is Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 22 On?

Love Island USA Season 5

Love Island USA season 5, episode 22 aired around 8:30 pm on Thursday night. This week there was a Wednesday episode because of the Casa Amor episodes, but typically, the show airs from Tuesday through Thursday.

Love Island USA Season 5, Episode 22 Recap

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Love Island USA season 5, episode 22 began where the previous episode left off. Hannah still wanted to know if there was a chance for her and Marco to get back together. Unfortunately for her, Hannah Wright is too important to him, and he turned her down. Meanwhile, back at Casa Amor, Rob continued to pursue Carmen despite her being pretty set on leaving Casa Amor single. He even asked Hannah for advice on getting to know her better.

Later, Casa Amor and the main villa went head to head in another game where they had to complete tasks that applied to specific islanders, like the islander whose name is the same spelled backward had to kiss the islander with the most tattoos, which resulted in Marco kissing his ex-girlfriend. After the game, Kassy confessed her strong feelings for Matia to the female islanders, while Leonardo told Johnnie how much he likes her. Leo called Johnnie an it girl and said he hasn’t connected with anyone else in the villa as fast as he’s connected with her.

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At Casa Amor, Rob chatted with Carmen and got her to admit that she’s open to getting to know him despite initially only wanting to be with Kenzo. Still, she said she won’t sleep in bed with Rob and will continue to sleep outside at Casa Amor. Unfortunately, another opportunity at love ended for Carston “Bergie” Bergersen as Allie Ryan didn’t feel like the two had a strong enough connection. He quickly moved on to Taylor Smith, and she agreed to sleep in bed with him.

Then, Hannah chatted with Marco again, where she expressed how much he had hurt her in the past. While he seemed apologetic, he still made it clear he was not going to give their relationship another shot because he wants to be with Hannah Wright. Meanwhile, Jonah Allman and Taylor Chemlka and Mike Stark and Dasja Johnson went for another chat and seemed to really hit it off. Then, Imani Wheeler and Eddie Brown confessed their feelings to each other while Hannah and Carmen gossiped about Kassy and Matia, calling both of them shallow and claiming Leo is too good for Kassy.

They also said they can tell Kay Kay isn’t going to leave Keenan, and Hannah said she wants to slap her because she keeps letting Keenan get away with his bad behavior. Kay Kay told Brandon she doesn’t want to play with his feelings, and she still wants to be with Keenan. However, back at the villa, Keenan expressed how attracted he is to Najah, and Kay Kay clearly was not the one on his mind during a pretty intimate moment.

Where Can I Watch Love Island USA Online?

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Love Island USA season 5, episode 22, is available to stream on Peacock with the rest of the season. The season premiere episode is free to watch on YouTube as well.

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