Warning: Some SPOILERS lie ahead for Scream 6.Scream 6 star Josh Segarra is pitching a wild Scream 7 idea by wanting the next installment to be a musical. Directed once again by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the latest entry in the slasher franchise is a sequel to 2022’s Scream, following its four survivors as they make the move from Woodsboro to New York City, only to find themselves targeted by another Ghostface killer. Segarra plays Danny Brackett, Sam’s (Melissa Barrera) boyfriend who lives in a neighboring apartment and, though suspect at first, proves to be on her side.


Segarra’s character survived the events of Scream 6 and while not much is known about the next film, the actor is sharing an idea of what he wants to see. In a recent interview with Inverse, he revealed that he would be interested in Scream 7 taking a musical to the long-running horror franchise. Read Segarra’s pitch for Scream 7 below:

If they could find the way in for a Scream musical, make the audience laugh and also be a little scared? Let’s go! Who knows? Maybe Ghostface has some operatic talents that we don’t know about.

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Why Reinvention Is Good For The Scream Franchise

Josh Segarra as Danny in Scream 6 looking stunned while on the phone

With so much of the franchise taking place in the small town of Woodsboro, Scream 6 generated early buzz for its change in setting. Heading to New York City largely reinvented the film series, bringing the action and gore surrounding Ghostface to its most populated location yet in comparison to Scream 2‘s Windsor College and 3‘s Los Angeles. From encounters on the subway to escaping apartments by way of ladder, the characters in Scream 6 faced several new obstacles this time around. Prior to its March 10 release, Ghostface sightings throughout the country created discourse among fans as well, suggesting different attempts at marketing could follow.

Change can benefit a franchise like Scream, one that began over two decades ago, and the recent installment serves as an example. Despite the updates, some similarities have been pointed out between the first four movies and the last two, and to keep the series fresh, doing something like a musical could be fun. A completely different direction for Scream, it seems unlikely that singing and dancing will ever be incorporated, but it would make for a memorable entry.

It will be interesting to see what happens next for Sam, Tara (Jenna Ortega), and the others, and how much of a role Segarra’s character has moving forward. A Scream 7 seems inevitable, and regardless of the probability, making it a musical could always work if done right. Those eager to find out more about where things are left after the events of Scream 6 can be sure to check the movie out while it’s in theaters.

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