iPhone users may have noticed that their home screen looks blurry when they set a wallpaper pair with their lock screen, but there is an easy way to fix this. Among the biggest updates with iOS 16 are the numerous lock screen customization options. iPhone users can now add third-party widgets from apps like Spotify to their lock screen, use wallpaper filters, add a depth effect, and even change the clock font and color. The lock screen also displays Live Activities and can be linked to different focus modes.


If the iPhone home screen background appears blurry after setting a lock screen and home screen wallpaper pair, users can fix it quite easily and set a clear image as their home screen wallpaper. To do this, press and hold the lock screen and tap the ‘Customize‘ button. Tap on ‘Home Screen‘ and tap ‘Blur‘ to disable the effect. Tap ‘Done‘ in the top right corner, and the non-blurry image will now appear as the home screen wallpaper.

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How To Get Rid Of The Blurry iPhone Background

Wallpaper customization settings in iOS 16

iOS 16 uses a blurry home screen wallpaper by default to minimize distractions and make app icons easy to spot. This adds continuity with the lock screen wallpaper, while maintaining a clean interface on the home screen. If users find it hard to read the app icons with a busy image as their home screen wallpaper, they can head to the ‘Wallpaper’ menu in the Settings app, tap ‘Customize’ on the home screen wallpaper, and enable ‘Blur.

If users want to set a different home screen wallpaper from their lock screen, that’s possible too. Open the same Wallpaper menu in Settings, and then tap ‘Customize.’ From here, users have three options. They can tap ‘Color‘ to use a solid color as their wallpaper, or tap ‘Gradient‘ for a gradient finish. Users can tap the ‘+’ icon on either option to customize the exact shade.

Alternatively, tap ‘Photo‘ to pick a wallpaper option from the Photos app. The Featured, People, Pets, Nature, and Cities tabs on tops display recommended wallpaper options from a user’s photos. Users can tap ‘All‘ to pick any photo to use as a wallpaper. Once a photo is selected, users can tap ‘Done‘ and then disable the ‘Blur‘ option if they want to use a non-blurry image as their iPhone home screen background.

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