The rivalry between Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Wes Bergmann was once a hallmark of The Challenge, and although the two legends have since formed a truce, that may come to an end during The Challenge: World Championship. Bananas and Wes first clashed on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, making their rivalry older than the show’s rebranding as just The Challenge. When Bananas chose to work with Evan Starkman and Kenny Santucci over Wes despite being on the same team, Wes began to view Bananas as a traitor, while Bananas saw Wes as a manipulative player.


The grudge continued for almost a decade, spanning multiple seasons and being utilized as a major storyline in The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 and The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. While both Wes and Bananas had beef with others throughout their 14 and 21 seasons respectively, none of their vendettas were as intense as the one between each other. Finally, on The Challenge: Total Madness, both veteran players realized that they could gain the upper hand on their opponents by secretly working together, shocking competitors and viewers alike. Their truce held up throughout the season and afterward.

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The Challenge’s Wes Believes Bananas Would Betray Him

Now, Bananas and Wes are returning for The Challenge: World Championship, where they will compete against other veteran players and up-and-coming newer recruits from global spin-offs, and they could very well break the truce. In an interview with TVLine, Wes voiced suspicion that Bananas may turn on him, saying, “That man is built for television, and I don’t really mean that as a compliment…He will throw away our friendship for one good TV moment. Although The Challenge all-star Wes may just be riffing off of the historic rivalry, it’s also quite possible that his statement is a hint of things to come.

The Challenge: World Championship May Force Wes & Bananas To Feud

Bananas and Wes from The Challenge standing in front of a lake, both slightly smiling. Bananas has his hands in his pockets, while Wes stands with his arms crossed. They are both wearing black jackets with The Challenge logo in green text and beanies.

Considering the fact that each legend from the flagship show will be paired with a global competitor, it may be difficult for Bananas and Wes to stay on the same side. If they end up paired with competitors from opposing alliances, their truce may have to take a backseat. Unlike on The Challenge: Ride or Dies, where Bananas worked with his group of friends dubbed the “Vacation Alliance” based on their group vacations in the off-season, he may find himself working with whoever his partner already has close ties with. Wes, who notoriously forms alliances with inexperienced players looking for guidance, could very well do the same.

Another factor that may damage Wes and Bananas’ truce is the need for shocking and entertaining moments. Recently, The Challenge has lacked excitement, and the jaw-dropping moments of betrayal that were once synonymous with the show have now become few and far between. Considering how shocking it was when Wes and Bananas finally formed their truce, it would be doubly shocking to see one of them suddenly break it and leave the other blindsided. This would also reignite the theme of vendettas and rivalries that The Challenge has been severely low on lately.

Although the truce served Bananas and Wes well on The Challenge: Total Madness, it may no longer benefit them on The Challenge: World Championship. Both players are notorious for being cutthroat and willing to betray even their closest allies to advance in the game, and the potential moment would likely go down in The Challenge history. Considering Wes has already voiced his concern, the shocking storyline could play a huge role in The Challenge: World Championship.

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The Challenge: World Championship premieres on Wednesday, March 8, on Paramount+.

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