Olivia Plath shared a life update in her latest Instagram story, but fans think the Welcome To Plathville star is looking for attention.

Welcome To Plathville fans have long disliked Olivia Plath, and they think her recent Instagram story was attention-seeking. Olivia has caused a lot of tension among the Plath family, and fans won’t let it go. Despite also being raised in a conservative family, Olivia has broken free from her parents’ beliefs and lives a pretty adventurous life. Olivia loves to travel, and she encourages her husband, Ethan Plath, to explore the world as well. Unfortunately, Ethan’s parents Kim and Barry Plath, don’t like Olivia or how she inspired their son Ethan to break free from how they raised him.

Recently, Welcome To Plathville‘s Olivia vacationed in St. Lucia, and as usual, she shared photos and videos from her trip on her Instagram account. Olivia appeared to be having a blast lounging on the beach, taking a boat ride with friends, and cooling off in the ocean. After her trip, she posted an Instagram story sharing her beachy waves, a result of spending so much time on the beach while on vacation. Olivia loved the way her hair looked, so she shared a video for her followers as she always does. Unfortunately, fans had some negative things to say about her, as usual.

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Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Olivia Wants To Impress Followers

Unfortunately, Olivia did not impress Reddit user mencryforme5 with her beachy waves. The Welcome To Plathville fan wrote, “Olivia is having a “look at me” meltdown.” Fans felt that the star was trying to get attention by posting the video showing off her hair, and they also don’t believe her hair actually looked like that from vacationing in St Lucia. “Sure, Jan. Those are your natural waves,” another fan responded. Some fans even suggested Olivia is trying to look like her husband’s younger sister Moriah Plath, saying there have been times recently that they’ve mistaken Olivia for Moriah. “She’s so cringey I couldn’t get past the first part of that ig story,” another fan added.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Excuse Olivia’s Actions Because She’s Young

Olivia Plath from Welcome To Plathville with red hair

I think we often forget how young she is. Your twenties is a time to make mistakes like this,” one fan added. Welcome To Plathville fans are harsh on Olivia. Most of the time, she is just living her life and sharing moments with her followers like any other influencer is doing today. Olivia’s posts are harmless, and it’s confusing why fans are so angered by her. It’s likely they just don’t like her on the show or blame her for Ethan’s rocky relationship with his parents, so they’re projecting. A lot of Olivia’s posts are dedicated to helping empower women, and Welcome To Plathville fans shouldn’t see any issue with that.

However, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Clearly, fans have a negative opinion of Olivia, and they have no issue sharing it. Olivia rubs them the wrong way, but she can’t please everyone, and luckily she has a large following of young women who admire her. She should continue posting whatever content she wants, knowing that it’s resonating with the right people, and the Welcome To Plathville fans who don’t like Olivia. can unfollow and stop checking up on her.

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