Much of Kim Plath’s life is under constant scrutiny and criticism. Now Welcome to Plathville fans are at odds over her behavior and why she changed.

Welcome to Plathville fans don’t know what to think when it comes to Kim Plath’s views on parenting and her unpredictable behavior. The once strict and overbearing mother of nine is a completely different person, and her unexpected transformation has left viewers puzzled. Ever since Kim split from her husband, Barry Plath, she gained a new lease on life and perspective on the world.

Welcome to Plathville‘s Kim Plath had particular expectations and rules for her children with Barry. The conservative Christian parents structured their household on religious beliefs and idealized versions of whom they wanted the Plath kids to be. When issues, questions, and controversy started to surface about the way their children were raised, Kim often pushed the blame onto Barry. However, it was evident to even their kids thought their mother had the final say, even prompting a memorable moment from their eldest son, Ethan Plath, calling Kim out for her controlling and manipulative tactics. Now that Kim is changing her tune and abandoning her picture-perfect ideologies, Welcome to Plathville fans have varying opinions on the matter.


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Kim Plath’s Choices Are Up For Moral Debate

The drama surrounding Kim’s life choices is a hot topic. When the Welcome to Plathville mom decided to ditch her notorious, controversial parenting style, it wasn’t long before viewers felt Kim presented a false fundamentalist reality all along. Welcome to Plathville fans didn’t hold back from expressing their opinions on Reddit and what they think of her sudden change in demeanor. Some fans feel that Kim is the villain of her own story and needs to pay the consequences for her selfish and erratic behavior. Now that she is out the door and focusing on rebuilding a new life, there is a lot of concern for her younger children still living at home. Reddit user u/Small_Double_8022 wrote, “Intention and execution are two very different things, and she has hurt so many in her path to ‘finding herself.’The neglect her children faced as a direct result of her rebellion against modern living is impacting their lives to this day.”

Kim Plath May Be Dealing With Issues Behind The Scenes

Kim Plath from Welcome to Plathville looking angry with Barry Plath on show

While much of the reality star’s behavior can’t be excused, others feel that Kim may be misunderstood, and there are reasons why she is seemingly acting out and doing things that are very out of character for her. When it was revealed that Kim was arrested in October 2022 for a DUI, it looked like she was reverting to her college partying days, but others remarked that it went deeper than that. It has been speculated that the loss of her young son, Joshua Plath, in a horrific accident while she was behind the wheel has taken a toll on her over the years, even more than anyone realized. Another Reddit user gave their opinion on the unexpected chain of events, writing, “I don’t think you ever get over the death of a child, let alone when it’s your fault they died. I think it’s catching up to her, and she’s spiraling.”

No matter what the reasons are for Kim deciding to completely change her life, it is clear Welcome to Plathville fans will have to agree to disagree. It is uncertain what the family dynamic will look like for the Plaths going forward since the children are living in different parts of the world, and Kim and Barry are practically living worlds apart since their divorce. Kim hasn’t been in any of the family photos that Moriah Plath and Isaac Plath have posted on Instagram recently, which may be a telling sign of their relationship with her at the moment.

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