Vanderpump Rules fans are accusing Scheana Shay of being a ‘hypocrite’ for trying to hook up Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz after their breakups.

Scheana Shay is being labeled a “hypocrite” for trying to hook up Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz following their mutual breakups on Vanderpump Rules. Schwartz and Raquel are among the new single cast members after a series of breakups ahead of filming Vanderpump Rules season 10. Schwartz is dealing with his divorce from Katie Maloney, while Raquel is watching James Kennedy move on so soon after calling off their engagement. With they are both suffering from major heartbreaks, Scheana is seemingly trying to get them to rebound together.


However, before Vanderpump Rules season 10, Scheana was in a similar situation. She herself is in her second marriage after she married and divorced her first husband, Mike Shay, on the show. Scheana and Mike were married for two years before filing for divorce in 2016. At the time, Scheana credited Mike’s substance abuse issues for the cause of the split. Soon after the divorce, Scheana reconnected with her ex-boyfriend Robert Vallarta. Scheana was co-dependent with Rob, and their relationship was documented on the show. Scheana would go on to enjoy short-lived flings with bartender Adam Spott and show alum Max Boyens before eventually finding love with her current husband, Brock Davies.

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Scheana Crossed The Boundary Katie & Tom Set

Now that Scheana, who had an affair with Brandi Glanville’s ex, has a man by her side, she is seemingly trying to spread the love despite most of her co-star’s breakups being within the friend circle. Vanderpump Rules season 10 is revealing the buildup to Schwarz and Raquel’s makeout session at Scheana’s wedding, and fans are calling out Scheana for pushing so hard to get them to hook up. After watching things play out, Reddit user u/notyouravgfan explained why they are “team Katie” after labeling Scheana a “hypocrite” for her meddling. “If anyone had hooked up with shay she would still be talking about it,” they explained. They also noted the “boundary” Katie and Schwartz set, saying they wouldn’t date anyone within the friend group.

Scheana Has A History of Meddling Into Breakups

Scheana in Vanderpump Rules

Some Vanderpump Rules fans even remember when “Scheana IMMEDIATELY tried to hook up Brittany [Cartwright] and Adam after Jax [Taylor] broke up with her,” according to one viewer who noted Scheana’s history of intruding into breakups. Another noted how frequently Scheana mentioned Katie moving on to Schwartz to persuade him to date Raquel. Episode 3 saw Raquel sit down with Katie and Lala Kent and admitted to having a crush on Schwartz, which Katie was, of course, bothered by. She’s also offended by Scheana’s podcast with Schwartz, where she got him to open up about the divorce and share his attraction to the other ladies.

The Vanderpump Rules cameras are showing how hard Scheana encouraged Raquel to date Schwartz. The drama was already brewing ahead of Scheana’s wedding, where the inevitable happened. Katie, who says Schwartz broke their dating agreement, ended up not attending, which gave Raquel and Schwartz the perfect opportunity to explore their mutual attraction. Since Raquel and Schwartz were vulnerable following their respective breakups, emotions were very high when the two were around each other, and Scheana appears to have taken advantage of the situation.

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