• No WWE 2K23 DLC pack is planned for release in September 2023, signaling the end of post-launch expansions for the game.
  • WWE 2K23 featured five DLC packs with themed groups of wrestlers, expanding options for the create-a-wrestler mode.
  • The next major WWE game announcement will likely be for WWE 2K24, possibly revealed at next year’s Royal Rumble event. Until then, players can still enjoy WWE 2K23’s existing features and online multiplayer.

As it stands, there’s no WWE 2K23 DLC pack planned for release in September 2023. There’s been no recent news from either the wrestling promotion, developer Visual Concepts, or publisher 2K Sports on the DLC front. The last release, the Bad News U Pack for WWE 2K23, including wrestlers like Andre Chase, Damon Kemp, Eva Torres, and Wade Barrett, was the last WWE video game-related news to come out from any of the above.

The Bad News U Pack was the fifth post-launch DLC release for WWE 2K23, following the Steiner Row Pack, the Pretty Sweet Pack, the Race to NXT Pack, and the Revel with Wyatt Pack. Each set has its own theme, grouping together wrestlers from similar stables, brands, gimmicks, and eras, but that doesn’t mean they’re without surprise appearances and random inclusions. Since most wrestlers have their own unique move sets, entrance effects, and costumes, a new DLC pack also means an expansion of options for WWE 2K23‘s create-a-wrestler mode. However, at the moment, it looks like these expansions have reached their end.

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WWE 2K23 Has Completed Its DLC Run

John Cena in the WWE 2K23 hype trailer

Simply put, there’s no more DLC planned for WWE 2K23, and likely never will be. 2K22 followed a similar release strategy, putting out five post-launch DLC packs between April (the month after its release) and July 2022. Comparing the two games’ DLC releases as separate wholes, it’s plain to see that they’ve followed the same blueprint, with five, roughly monthly DLC packs between April and late summer of the release year. That means the Bad News U Pack is probably the final DLC for WWE 2K23, rounding out the roster at an even 250 with 31 DLC wrestlers to 2K22‘s 28.

The Next Major WWE Game News Will Probably Be 2K24

Macho Man Randy Savage, wearing green shorts and a sparkly, purple cape adorned with stars, stands with his arms outstretched in a trailer for WWE 2K23

Based on the lack of DLC news and previous games’ track records, it’s unlikely WWE 2K23 will announce another DLC pack. Therefore, the next big WWE video game announcement will probably be the reveal of the next game in the series, presumably titled WWE 2K24.

There’s no evidence that such a game even exists yet, but it’s possible to predict when it might come out. WWE tends to exhibit new games in conjunction with some of the year’s biggest pay-per-view events. However, while there are a few PPVs still scheduled for 2023, most of the major ones have already come and gone. For these reasons, WWE 2K24 will probably be revealed at next year’s Royal Rumble, which is scheduled for late January 2024. That’s in line with the announcement of WWE 2K23 and the first major trailer for 2K22, each of which were revealed in January of their respective years ahead of March release dates.

So it seems WWE 2K23 has reached the end of its run, but there are still at least a few months until the end of its shelf life. There are still five different game modes, 250 wrestlers, and 100 custom character slots to explore. WWE 2K23‘s online multiplayer servers are still active and populated. So until there’s any more major news, it’s a great time to experiment, and enjoy everything that WWE 2K23 is.

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