The wait for Euphoria season 3 could be even longer. The sophomore installment of the hit HBO teen drama concluded in February 2022 but has been slow to return for season 3. Part of that has been because the cast and series creator Sam Levinson have been busy with other projects, with Levinson currently promoting the upcoming HBO series The Idol, which will debut June 4. But a new update makes clear why it’s unlikely that the show will see Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, and the rest of the cast return to their roles anytime soon.


Francesca Orsi, HBO’s head of drama, discussed Euphoria season 3 in an interview with Deadline and broke down why even, under ideal circumstances, the series may not be back until 2025. Jeremy O. Harris, a producer on the show, recently mentioned that the WGA strike for fair wages and Levinson would not cross picket lines. Orsi adds that, in addition to the realities of the ongoing strike, there aren’t a lot of scripts ready. Check out her response below:

“Euphoria is one of those that we had begun writing in tandem with post-production on Idol but at this point, we don’t have countless scripts. We can’t start shooting, so the delivery of that show — ideally in 2025 — will be determined on when we can pick back up with Sam, who at this point is all pencils down and just finishing posts on Idol.”

Will Euphoria Season 3 Be Worth The Wait?

The cast of Euphoria in the season 2 finale clapping and cheering while watching the play

Specific story details about Euphoria season 3 remain unknown, but there are some possibilities for the story ahead. Zendaya, who plays Rue Bennett, has said that she’d be interested in stepping into the director’s chair. She also noted a desire to explore a version of the show that would examine life beyond high school, which fits with the reports of a five-year time-jump rumor for Euphoria season 3.

But given the strong negative reactions to The Idol, the controversy attached to it, and the gap between seasons, it’s fair to wonder whether there will still be the same anticipation for the show. Part of the hype in Euphoria season 2 was its social media component and ability to craft viral scenes. Social media could look very different by 2025, though, or audiences might move to another show.

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One factor in the favor of Euphoria, despite its creator controversies and season 3 delays, is that the cast will remain on screens in other projects. Among other projects, Zendaya has Dune: Part Two, and Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules, will be in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Sweeney, who plays Cassie, has the buzzy romance Anybody But You and Reality. During press for these projects and at events, they’ll keep mentions of the teen drama alive.

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