The Bachelor fans have been outraged by Zach Shallcross’ latest actions, and franchise alum Nick Viall has even spoken against him. Zach, a 26-year-old tech executive who currently lives in Austin, Texas, was a controversial choice for The Bachelor season 27 lead because he was viewed as being too boring to carry a season. However, when the show premiered, Zach was praised for his maturity and decisiveness. He quickly eliminated women who caused drama, and focused on finding his best friend and fiancé.


However, after the latest episodes, The Bachelor’s Zach Shallcross has been heavily criticized by fans for some of his decisions. Zach’s interactions with Greer Blitzer, Jess Girod, and Kat Izzo in particular ruffled the feathers of Bachelor Nation. Their subsequent eliminations caused fans to begin questioning Zach’s judgment. Although Zach has the right to say goodbye to whomever he pleases during his search for a wife, The Bachelor fans have turned on him because of what they see as callousness and a lack of empathy.

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The Bachelor’s Zach Shallcross Made Some Controversial Decisions

Greer Blitzer from The Bachelor season 27

Zach was condemned by fans for snapping at Greer during a Zoom conversation when she tried to relate to him during his bout with COVID-19. Greer compared Zach’s pause on his The Bachelor journey with her having to miss the end of a sales quarter at work. Zach didn’t like what Greer said, and he let her know. When Jess expressed her concerns about not receiving a one-on-one date with Zach, their conversation escalated to a confrontation, and Jess was eliminated on the spot. Zach also said goodbye to Kat at the rose ceremony after she confessed that she sometimes had doubts about introducing him to her family.

Former Bachelor Nick Viall Criticizes Zach Shallcross

The Bachelor franchise alum Nick has been a very vocal critic of Zach for the past few weeks. One of Nick’s latest tweets read, “Every time Zach hears any of the women express an insecurity, instead of showing an ounce of empathy, his face just drowns in disappointment #TheBachelor.” This tweet was most likely in response to Zach’s elimination of Kat, but echoed Nick’s sentiments from the previous week as well. Fans were quick to agree with Nick, with Twitter user Libraforever86 commenting, “Yes he can’t be bothered with that. #Narcissist.”

Another Twitter user Stacykhuffman wrote, “The more I see the more I think he’s too self centered. He’s disappointed anyone infringes on his experience with their view.” The user then added, I can guess who he’s going to pick but I don’t think he cares for anyone really. This is the first time I have cheered for ladies going home – you won!” Twitter user Thedave88 recalled Zach’s interaction with Greer, saying, “I’ll never forget his Zoom conversation with Greer. That was truly unbelievable. That conversation might have summed up this entire season. Seriously.”

One Twitter user Allison93180789 believed that Zach is seeking perfection on The Bachelor, which is impossible to do. She wrote, “The main problem here is if you have ANYTHING that makes you insecure or ever feel the need to be understood…He won’t get it. That’s terrifying. Are you perfect? That’s what he’s looking for. Zero conflict and smooth sailing…which isn’t attainable and not desired…” This comment reflects the fact that Zach has eliminated contestants including Christina Mandrell and Anastasia Keramidas the minute that any drama developed involving them.

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Some Bachelor Fans Still Support Zach Shallcross

Zach Shallcross from The Bachelor season 27

Although many The Bachelor fans agreed with Nick, there were also some who sided with Zach. They felt that even though he eliminated some of the women after they expressed insecurities, he supported contestants such as Gabi Elnicki and Kaity Biggar when they opened up to him about their concerns. Twitter user vandercal1 wrote, “I don’t know why everyone is being so harsh with him. He has narrowed it down to four amazing women – that takes a certain type of discernment. In general, he had a lovely group of ladies, so no matter what the break ups were going to be really difficult.”

Similarly, Twitter user TatyOnARoll disagreed with Nick, saying, “I think it’s a valid reaction to be disappointed if someone is showing you they’re not entirely ‘in’ or are worried of the process, they’re all going through it. If you have doubts it is absolutely fair to raise them. It’s also fair for him to want someone who is sure.” This opinion was shared by others on Nick’s tweet as well. They understood why Zach would have a low tolerance for doubt because he was trying to find his future wife.

Some fans are beginning to see patterns with Zach’s behavior on The Bachelor, which is raising red flags for them. They are even wondering if his breakup with Rachel Recchia on The Bachelorette season 19 was due to his tendency to run from difficult situations. His opinion about Rachel changed seemingly overnight in the Fantasy Suite when he claimed that she behaved in an inauthentic manner behind closed doors. Although Zach has made some mistakes and has since admitted to them, he has been one of the least problematic Bachelors of all-time. Hopefully, Zach will make the right decisions in the end, and his season will have a happy ending.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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