After 1000-lb Sisters season 4 started airing, it seems like some of the show’s biggest moments have been staged. The show is starting to seem fake.

1000-lb Sisters season 4 is underway, and it seems some of the bigger moments in Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton’s lives have been staged for the cameras. After nearly a year between 1000-lb Sisters season 3 and season 4, the show’s return has been somewhat off. With various complaints of the series faking or recreating moments out in the open, the TLC series has appeared to have lost its credibility.

The newest season of the TLC docuseries is tackling some of the biggest moments in 1000-lb Sisters history. With Tammy finally reaching her goal weight and Amy dealing with a surprising second pregnancy, the sisters are coping with some of life’s greatest milestones. 1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slaton has even met and married the love of her life, Caleb Willingham, in front of the cameras. Still, there is some concern that the show they’re watching isn’t as authentic as it’s made out to be.


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Amy & Michael’s Reaction To Their Pregnancy Seemed Inauthentic

It was evident that something was off with 1000-lb Sisters season 4 early on when Amy found out she was pregnant with her second child. The footage shown was of Amy and Michael reacting to the news, but as Reddit user u/AveryNicoleMeyers pointed out, “It just all felt so inauthentic. I feel like they everyone already knew but the producers asked them to reenact it so they could have better footage for the show.” There have been other instances of unauthentic scenes, according to another fan who commented, “Especially the break in scene at Tammy’s. When misty and Amanda said someone stole her property, it looked so scripted.”

1000-lb Sisters Season 4 I May Have Re-enacted Moments

Though 1000-lb Sisters is sharing more about the Slaton family this season, many of the key moments could likely be re-enacted for the camera crew due to the timeline of filming and other restrictions. Re-enactment is common in reality TV, as camera crews are not always around for the big moments in a cast member’s life. Though some are better than others, they are typical for nearly every reality show, and 1000-lb Sisters is no exception. This and filming Tammy is likely restricted due to the protocol at her Ohio-based rehab facility has likely made filming the show tricky, with the need for production to have the stars re-enact some scenes. Though they feel inauthentic to viewers, they are likely quite true to what happened in the sisters’ actual lives.

1000-lb Sisters season 4 has shown off several new dynamics, including a potential rivalry between Tammy and Amy. While the moments may wind up being staged or re-enacted for camera crews, the sister’s lives have definitely been dramatic enough for television over the past few years. With more dramatic stories to come, it may not matter if the show is real or fake.

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