• The voice of Korvo in Solar Opposites was changed after Justin Roiland was dismissed from the show and replaced by Dan Stevens.
  • Producer Sydney Ryan explains that the show didn’t want to match the previous voice to avoid it sounding like a cover song.
  • The voice change was explained within the show’s premise, using the aliens’ ray guns to humorously address the change while still preserving the character’s humor and emotional aspects.

Solar Opposites producer Sydney Ryan explains why the Justin Roiland recast changed the voice of a key character. The animated show, which focuses on a family of aliens who are forced to stay on Earth after a crash landing, went through a big change heading into season 4, as co-creator and star Roiland was removed from Solar Opposites after a felony domestic abuse charge became public knowledge. Dan Stevens, known for his roles in Downton Abbey and Legion, was soon confirmed to replace Roiland as the voice of Korv. The character’s voice changed along with the recast, as Korvo now speaks with a regal British accent.

In an interview with, Ryan spoke about why Korvo’s voice changes in Solar Opposites season 4. Ryan said that the show didn’t “want to match the previous voice and felt like it would come across like we were doing a cover song.” The producer added that the animated series allows for wild things to happen thanks to its premise, so it allowed for an in-universe explanation for the voice change. Read Ryan’s quote below:

We didn’t want to match the previous voice and felt like it would come across like we were doing a cover song. Solar is a show where wild stuff can happen, and since the aliens already have ray guns that can do all sorts of things, we thought it would be funny to use this in-show method to explain the voice change. Even with a big shift, we still wanted to preserve the humor and emotional aspects that we’ve built for Korvo over the years. We worked with our casting team, listened to a ton of auditions, and met with some incredible actors.

How Solar Opposites Season 4 Explains Korvo’s Voice Change

The Solars fixing Korvo's voice in Solar Opposites season 4

Solar Opposites season 4 tackles the recast directly. Korvo is shot in the neck with a dart, and then hit with a voice changer ray. This proves to be the spark that leads to the change, but the show isn’t content with providing an explanation for the recast. The Hulu show goes a step further, with Stevens’ newly voiced Korvo addressing the change in an unflinching bit of dialogue.

This is what my voice sounds like now,” Korvo declares in Solar Opposites season 4. He goes on to say that he doesn’t care if the change is jarring, encouraging those around him to get over it. The scene walks the line between in-show humor, as when Korvo insists that his voice will also sound different in flashbacks, but it could be argued that he might as well be addressing the audience, who might be unsure of how to respond to the new voice.

In reviews of Solar Opposites season 4, Stevens’ voice acting has been singled out as a point of praise. Reviewers have mentioned that the actor fits in well, with others noting that his presence helps to improve the animated comedy. Recasts can sometimes be tricky, but especially in a wild sci-fi like the Hulu series, the premise allows for flexibility.


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