Sister Wives’ Gwen Brown is sharing her unfiltered thoughts on her father, Kody Brown, calling him manipulative during her most recent YouTube recap.

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown called her father Kody Brown manipulative in a recent YouTube video, sharing her thoughts on his longtime plural marriage. Over the course of the series, Kody has shown an attitude toward his wives and children that poses the question of why his family deals with his behavior. After separating from his wives Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown, Kody is now left with only one wife, Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown, who is Kody’s daughter with his ex-wife Christine, has grown up onscreen and currently attends Northern Arizona University. After Sister Wives season 17 began airing, Gwendlyn decided to create videos on her YouTube channel, where she recapped the episodes and gave her own commentary on the situations. As someone close to the show with storylines sometimes even revolving around her, Gwendlyn has a unique perspective and can provide commentary on the situations playing out on screen.


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What Did Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown Say About Her Father Kody Brown?

During a recap of Sister Wives season 17, Gwendlyn spoke candidly about her father’s marriage to Meri, which dissolved in late 2022. In her Sister Wives recap, Gwendlyn explained, “It is so unfortunate to see my dad going off on how he and Meri basically have this done relationship.” Gwendlyn then continued, “It feels completely manipulative to me because he’s basically keeping this information from her and letting her be in this loveless relationship with this false hope that it’s going to be fixed.” Gwendlyn, who says she no longer believes in God after being raised by a religious family, finished with, “I’m just glad that ones that needed to get out of that situation, have gotten out of that situation.”

Why Gwendlyn Brown Called Kody Brown ‘Manipulative’

While Gwendlyn has spoken about other Sister Wives stars in the past, she has tried to remain as unbiased as possible while watching the show. In more recent recaps, Gwendlyn has been open about the fact that the show makes it more difficult for her to ignore her father’s actions. Especially in Kody’s marriage to Meri, Gwendlyn is right to call out the manipulation when she sees it. While Meri felt that she was still in a relationship that could be salvaged, Kody had gone on record and spoken on national television about how he no longer felt tied to, married to, or attracted to Meri. His attitude toward the relationship was flippant at best, and Meri deserved to know that before seeing it on an episode of Sister Wives.

Though Gwendlyn is still young, she seems to have a level of wisdom that is beyond her years. This could be from dealing with such a difficult family situation as she grew up. The fact that she has seemed to process her traumatic childhood and can look at it from an outside perspective is fascinating. Gwendlyn’s Sister Wives recap videos are a great supplement to the show, as they provide a totally new angle to see the episodes from.

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