Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has been called out for saying she’s “sacrificed,” but fans feel that she has never truly pulled her weight for the family. While Robyn has been Kody Brown’s wife for the shortest amount of time, it is clear that she has become his favorite over the years. Robyn is Kody’s only remaining wife, and still benefits from Kody’s favoritism, and now more than ever, his livelihood. Kody’s ex-wives, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown, all left the patriarch within a year. However, Robyn, who legally married Kody in 2010, seems to have no plans of leaving her husband.


Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown entered her marriage to Kody with three children from a previous marriage, and claims to have sacrificed a lot to be with her husband. While Kody’s ex-wives have always understood the ways of plural marriage and respected their fellow wives, Robyn, despite the fact that she was seeking a plural marriage, has not. She often speaks about the sanctity of plural marriage, but when it comes down to spending time with her husband and prioritizing her own family, Robyn doesn’t seem to care much about the larger Brown family. She benefits more from being Kody’s favorite (and now only) wife than any of his ex-wives ever have.

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What Has Robyn Brown Sacrificed For The Family?

As Kody’s newest wife, Robyn joined an already established plural marriage and ultimately turned it into what she wanted. Robyn consistently boasted that she’s Kody’s favorite wife, and claimed to have sacrificed for their relationship, with Kody publicly agreeing with her. Viewers feel that Robyn has sacrificed very little in her relationship with Kody, and often doesn’t pull her weight as a public figure in the way other Sister Wives stars do. While most believe she is benefiting from being with her husband, some think she has given up a bit of herself in the process of entering plural marriage. In a Reddit thread started by lilalolola, one fan explained, “[Robyn] flows her will into his. So technically Kody could see that as her sacrificing herself for him, whereas the other wives have some self-esteem left to call him out.”

Has Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Actually Sacrificed For The Family?

Robyn has spoken openly about receiving “table scraps” when it comes to Kody’s attention in their plural marriage, but it’s a genuine curiosity as to what she feels she has sacrificed when it comes to their relationship. When Robyn entered her marriage with Kody, she was given a home. Her children were adopted legally by Kody, in order to provide stability and help financially. Robyn makes a lucrative living from reality TV, and is able to spend her time raising her children and investing in her relationship. As Kody’s only remaining wife, she is also now getting Kody’s undivided attention. Prior to Kody’s splits from his exes, Robyn was Kody’s favorite wife, getting preferential treatment from her husband often. Kody lived with Robyn for the majority of the time, invested more in their children, and clearly felt the closest to his newest wife, all of which are benefits to her.

While it is unclear whether Kody will seek another wife, the Sister Wives stars are proponents of plural marriage and have expressed their desire to remain in such a union. Though Robyn feels like she has sacrificed in the past in order to serve her relationship and strengthen her family, it is clear that she has benefited just as much, if not more, than she has sacrificed. Even if Kody is to marry another wife, Robyn will still be his number one priority.

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