Sister Wives Christine Brown and her new boyfriend, David Woolley, took a road trip to meet the newest member of the family, and fans are excited to see David getting to know even more of the brood. After leaving her ex-husband Kody Brown in 2021, Christine has entered a much healthier new relationship with David. The split between the two exes, which can be described as messy at its best, was documented throughout Sister Wives season 17.

David, who debuted on Sister Wives‘ Christine Brown‘s Instagram in February 2023, maintains a relatively low profile and has not posted much on social media outside a few photos of himself and his new love. Though the relationship has been quiet for a while, Christine says she’s never felt love like she does with David. The pair are taking their relationship on the road as they travel to North Carolina to meet Maddie Brown Brush’s newest daughter, Joey, and spend some time with the extended Brown family.


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David Woolley Shared A Photo Traveling WIth Christine Brown

David posted a photo to his Instagram with the caption, “I’m just along for the ride!” after Christine informed her followers she would be heading off to North Carolina, and many Sister Wives fans were thrilled to see the couple together. Comments poured in, with one person writing, “I don’t know you, and I don’t personally know Christine […] but you can see how happy she is. She is loving the new chapters of her life, and you both look so genuinely happy in each other’s presence. I’m glad you have found each other.” Others were more protective of Christine, like one fan who commented, “You have one job: make her happy.”

Christine Brown Finally Feels Settled With David Woolley

Christine, who shared she was “exclusively” dating someone before debuting David on her Instagram, seems to be moving quickly with her new boyfriend; however, there is likely more than meets the eye. Though Sister Wives has shown Christine and Kody’s relationship dissolve throughout the most recent season of the show, the couple split back in 2021. Christine has been living away from Kody and healing for well over a year and is now secure enough in her relationship to introduce her boyfriend to her fans. David, who has already met Christine’s children, is now getting to meet the extended Brown family after settling into Christine’s life.

With the hope of a Christine and Janelle Brown-based spin-off show in the future, David may be getting a lot more screen time sooner rather than later. As the waiting game begins for Sister Wives season 18, Christine and David’s social media posts have been keeping fans busy and buzzing. As the two venture off to North Carolina, who knows where they will head to next.

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