The Scream (2022) directors really don’t have any regrets about killing off Dewey Riley (David Arquette). After serving as a central character from Scream (1996) to Scream (2022), Dewey has become a fixed part of the franchise. Of course, that all happened before Ghostface catches and stabs him repeatedly, only to leave him to die.

The death of an iconic character is always shocking, but Dewey’s death is something else entirely, as his death has changed Scream forever. While Scream IV pays tribute to Dewey, the character’s shadow hangs over the franchise, especially since he isn’t likely to ever appear again. Yet, in an interview with GamesRadar+, directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin revealed that they wouldn’t change Dewey’s death for anything. Check out their quote below:


“I don’t think we’d ever walk back that choice, though. I think you have to watch your heroes die in order to create room for new stories and to watch how that affects the characters. I think that Gale’s story in this one is really deep and significant because of that loss, and certainly Sam and Tara and Mindy and Chad, they’re also all dealing with Dewey’s loss as part of this greater, traumatic experience that they had in the last movie. So I think as long as those deaths inform character in a way that is meaningful and significant, then it’s worth breaking those eggs, as hard as it is.”

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Why Scream’s Dewey Needed To Die

Dewey looking displeased in Scream

Dewey has become a fixture in the Scream franchise, and one that tends to draw killers like no one else. He has become such a known element that he tends to come to mind simply at the thought of Scream, given his prominence. That, of course, is exactly why he needed to die.

Scream (2022) needed to create a legacy by proving that the franchise was entering a new era. It needed to serve as evidence that Scream could survive without its central characters. In order to fully sever its ties with them, it needed to actually sever them — with knives. Thankfully, it had Ghostface, who is always more than happy to provide a set of knives or two.

Scream also had to prove that anyone could die, after years of offering central characters who repeatedly crawl away from Ghostface and survive. Gale, who Dewey is head-over-heels for, provides the timely distraction that brings about Dewey’s end, which brought his story full circle. Dewey has a perfect death because it truly set up a new era for Scream that the franchise continues to enjoy today.

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