Some The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers are growing convinced that Jackie Goldschneider is envious of the show’s newcomer, Danielle Cabral.

Jackie Goldschneider and Danielle Cabral are at odds on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and fans believe it’s because Jackie is feeling jealous of the series’ new addition. Jennifer Fessler and Rachel Fuda are season 13 newbies, alongside Danielle. The trio joined the show veterans Teresa Giudice, Jennifer Aydin, Dolores Catania, Melissa Gorga, and Margaret Josephs, who all returned as full-time housewives. On the other hand, Jackie was the only one demoted to a friend role, ending her three-season run as a full-time housewife.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 saw Jackie open up about her eating disorder. She lived with body dysmorphia throughout her life, and eventually decided to share her recovery journey with viewers. In terms of her feuds with costars, Jackie and Teresa had already hashed out their season 11 quarrel, which started after Teresa spread false cheating rumors about Evan Goldschneider. Jackie retaliated by making up an “analogy” about Teresa’s eldest daughter Gia Giudice, as per the show. Jackie’s bravery in going head-to-head with the series OG became a central season 11 storyline. However, season 12 saw Teresa take aim at Margaret, and Jackie’s presence on the show seemingly started to fade to black.

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Is RHONJ’s Jackie Showing Signs of “Jealousy”

Viewers are already witnessing a brewing season 3 feud between Jackie and one of the newbies. Danielle told the group about the shady looks she noticed Jackie had been giving her. On Twitter, Justin Polls shared a season 3 video clip of Jackie, as she explained to Melissa and Margaret why she kept looking Danielle up and down at the previous group event. “Because it was a train wreck top to bottom and I could not look away,” Jackie quipped. Fans called out Jackie’s alleged, “jealousy” of Danielle. “This is the clear visual of jealousy,” one person wrote. “Jackie gotta stop hating. She can’t even hide it anymore,” added another.

Fans Say RHONJ’s Danielle Is The Perfect Replacement For Jackie

Jackie Goldschneider from RHONJ wearing silver dress smiling

Many others thought that Jackie was possibly hypocritical for judging another woman’s appearance, considering her past frankness on the show about her own body image issues. “You would think that she would be more empathetic where she has her own insecurities,” they said. Some even think that Danielle has proved she’ll be the perfect replacement for Jackie, saying she’s, “done more in two episodes than Jackie has in five years.” The season premiere saw Rachel get called out by Jackie when she didn’t give the show veteran enough eye contact during a conversation she was having with Melissa. Jackie considered Rachel’s behavior rude, considering that she was also standing right next to her.

As viewers get familiar with the new faces, many think that Jackie is bothered that she’s being replaced. Her attempt to strike up feuds with Danielle and Rachel could be an attempt to grab the limelight again. It had been a few years since The Real Housewives of New Jersey added any newcomers. Jackie likely wasn’t expecting the move to come at her expense. She might not like the fact that she was replaced, but it seems like fans are pleased with the decision.

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