Jung Hae-min, the runner-up of Physical 100, claims that he was winning the final task until a rematch occurred. Here are the details of the final.

Jung Hae-min, the runner-up of Physical 100 season 1, has recently made claims that production intervened with the final task and led to an unfair win for his opponent, Woo Jin-yong. Hae-min entered the game with a background in cycling and performed well throughout all the episodes, with stand-out performances near the end that propelled him to the final. With 100 total competitors shaved down to only two, and a grand prize of 300 million South Koran won (roughly $240,000 USD) up for grabs, there was a lot riding on Hae-min’s final performance against Jin-yong.


The two men were tasked with a challenge referred to as an “infinite rope pull” where the finalists stood on platforms facing each other and continuously pulled a heavy rope from an enormous spool until they reached the end. Some Physical 100 viewers questioned if the final was rigged after watching Hae-min use his entire body weight to yank the rope backward, only to achieve minimal movement from the spool, while Jin-yong appeared to be pulling at a much lower intensity and managed to gain impressive speed. In the end, Jin-yong ultimately reached the end of his rope before Hae-min and took home the 300 million won.

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Physical 100’s Hae-min Claims A Rematch Occurred

Now, Hae-min has spoken out about alleged intervention from production during the final task, claiming that he was unfairly declared the loser. In a YouTube video posted by KingOfJournalist, Hae-min spoke openly about the issues they encountered during the rope-pulling task and how Physical 100 production intervened. Hae-min claims that he was winning the task until issues with the spools and audio occurred, at which point he alleges the Physical 100 winner Jin-yong requested they stop the match. Hae-min told the interviewer, “I won over Jin-yong. You can measure how much [rope] you have.”

Physical 100’s Production Team Denied The Allegations

A line of Physical 100 contestants stand shoulder to shoulder, looking off in different directions. They are all wearing matching all-black workout clothes.

After issues with the spools and audio were fixed, Hae-min claims that he and Jin-yong returned later for a rematch. At this point, Hae-min says his prior lead was no longer considered and that production had “nullified” the rope he had already pulled. Physical 100‘s production team released an official statement that was translated via KBIZoom, which confirmed, “The filming was temporarily stopped and resumed. However, we never intervened to overturn the results that had already been determined or to provide advantages for a certain player.” Along with the statement, the production team released a thorough timeline of the final task filming schedule.

Thus far, Netflix has taken allegations against Physical 100 and its cast members very seriously. However, neither the streamer nor the show’s producers have released the audio and video recordings of the final as Hae-min has requested. Hae-min also claimed that other players were confused when he was declared the loser and that his final speech was edited down and didn’t include a message for his soon-to-be wife. Though the production team and Physical 100 winner Jin-yong both maintain that the final results were not tampered with or manipulated in any way, Hae-min has yet to back down from his claims.

As the story continues to develop, it is uncertain whether those behind the show will release further proof of the final’s validity as Hae-min has requested, or if they will refrain from commenting further. With Physical 100 season 2 almost certainly on its way, hopefully, the production team and Netflix will ensure that no future errors or rematches occur during pivotal moments in the competition.

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Source: KingOfJournalist / YouTube, KBIZoom

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