Grey’s Anatomy star Kim Raver says the show should keep going and reach the milestone of 20 seasons, at least. Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that has been running since 2005 and boasts a staggering 19 seasons. It has undergone major changes over the years and has lost the majority of its original cast. Ellen Pompeo, who portrayed the show’s titular character, Dr. Meredith Grey, for 19 seasons, exited the show (onscreen, at least) midway through its current run. While many believe her exit may spell the end of the long-running series, not everyone is for its conclusion.


In an interview with ET Online, Raver reveals that she wants Grey’s Anatomy to keep going. She wants to see season 20 become a reality. However, Raver also holds belief that Grey’s Anatomy could even go on beyond season 20. Check out her statement below:

Oh, let’s keep on going! We would all love season 20. There feels something very momentous about a season 20. I don’t feel that way. I just feel like there’s [something] inherently in Greys Anatomy and the amazing way to tell human stories and I feel like that just can keep going. We have all these new, young interns and there’s so many stories to be told with them and I love them in contrast with the attendings. I think its longevity can keep going because the stories are ever-evolving.

Should Grey’s Anatomy Keep Going?

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Despite Pompeo’s exit, Grey’s Anatomy‘s unique premise means that it could go past season 19. This is because, as said above, although almost all the original cast has departed, the show has managed to replace them with new and intriguing characters. As Raver mentions, it is currently delving into the stories of a new group of interns and has taken a more flexible approach that focuses on multiple hospital workers instead of primarily on Meredith. Hence, while Grey’s Anatomy can go on by cycling through new character ensembles, the major question is if it should.

Prior to her exit, Pompeo herself expressed her wishes for Grey’s Anatomy to start wrapping things up. In fact, she even stated that she was trying to “convince” the rest of the cast and crew about the potential lack of a story going forward. This sentiment may have played into her decision to ultimately leave the show, as she expressed simply needing a change. Meanwhile, creator Shonda Rhimes has also thought about ending Grey’s Anatomy, revealing she’s written an ending for the show a total of eight times.

Even the two most influential people behind Grey’s Anatomy have toyed with, or fully accepted, the idea of the show ending. As for viewers, some are adamant that the show should end because it simply won’t be the same without Pompeo. Others have suggested the show ran its course long ago and has lost most of its magic. On the other hand, with its high popularity and rich history, chances are that fans will keep on watching the show regardless of how long it runs. Ultimately, while the consensus seems to be that Grey’s Anatomy should end, there are still some rooting for its continuation.

Source: ET Online

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