Breaking Bad’s Walter Jr. actor RJ Mitte reveals his favorite memory from filming the entire show, which is from the very first episode.

Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte reveals his favorite memory from the show. Premiered in 2008, the acclaimed AMC drama ran for five seasons of unparalleled success. The show famously follows a high-school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who, after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, turns to cooking crystal meth to secure his family’s financial future. At the start of the show, Walt’s family consists of his pregnant wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) and his teenage son Walter Jr. (Mitte) who has cerebral palsy.

In a recent interview with WUWF, Mitte reflected on the making of Breaking Bad and revealed his favorite memory from filming the show, which was during the pilot episode. The Walter Jr. actor described his first day on set with the large cast and crew, which was a very surreal experience for the young actor. See what Mitte shared below:

I have a lot of favorite memories, but the main one is the pilot episode. That first day on set, we had a cast and crew of 500 people, so it was no small production. Being a part of a set, having a role that had weight in line, and I had to carry it, was one of those just surreal moments, like, “I guess this is it, I guess I’m doing this.”

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Why Breaking Bad Is Remembered So Fondly

Walt Skyler and Walt Jr. shopping for pants in the Breaking Bad pilot episode

It is no surprise that Mitte’s favorite Breaking Bad memory is from the pilot episode, as the first scene he is in sees Walter Jr. doing what he loves best – eating breakfast. On a more serious note, Breaking Bad‘s first breakfast scene represents one of the last idyllic moments for the White family before Walt is diagnosed with cancer and turns to a life of crime, after which the show takes a dark turn. After Walt reveals his diagnosis to his family, the show’s tone and dynamic change significantly, with Walter Jr. lashing out against his father early on.

For Mitte, Breaking Bad represented a formative moment in the young actor’s career, as he was part of an outstanding ensemble cast that included Emmy winners like Cranston and Gunn. It was also a deeply personal role for Mitte, who has mild cerebral palsy, similar to his character Walter Jr. For Mitte and many other actors who starred in Breaking Bad, the show was an opportunity of a lifetime. With Better Call Saul wrapping up the story for the foreseeable future, the cast’s memories from the set are only becoming more cherished.

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