Savannah Palacio may have been eliminated on Perfect Match episode 4, but The Circle alum made a big impression on many viewers. She joined the cast of the Netflix reality TV dating competition show to search for her perfect match in a house full of fellow single Netflix reality TV stars. While Savannah ended up being eliminated early, many viewers were on her side and called out her rival, Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago.

As she is known for her smarts, Perfect Match’s Savannah Palacio tried to scheme her way through the start of the show by matching with her friend Nick Uhlenhuth. She then decided to put her feelings out there and declare her interest in Dom Gabriel from The Mole, who was currently matched with Francesca. An angry and unhinged Francesca became possessive of Dom. She yelled at Savannah, and became gleeful when an unmatched Savannah went home that night. Francesca then gave up the opportunity to create a new house match by instead matching herself with Love Is Blind villain Damien Powers, who she then left Dom for.


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Savannah Palacio Earns Perfect Match Fan Applause

Reddit user u/CatmotherRiri started a thread applauding Perfect Match star Savannah for how she dealt with Francesca, after Francesca yelled at Savannah for speaking with Dom. “As a smart, confident POC person I couldn’t help but cheer for Savannah when she spoke of entitlement,” the user cheered, as they praised Savannah for holding her ground and not giving in to Francesca’s “intimidating tactics.” One top commenter wrote, “I was very proud of how Savanna handled it and put her in her place.” Another user noted that Even Savannah’s whole body language when she chose to sit down on that couch next to her and deliver her piece. Her back was perfectly straight and she was exuding power.

Perfect Match Viewers Are Against Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle close up with hoop earrings

After her behavior against Savannah and actions against Dom, combined with the general treatment of her cast members, Francesca was named the Perfect Match villain by numerous commenters. “Francesca is gorgeous, but being so conceited is so unattractive,” one user wrote. “I hate Fran so much man. She literally told Dom not to talk to Savannah but is going on a date with Damien???” a confused and angry user wrote. Numerous commenters called Francesca insecure and a bully for the way she acts threatened by cast members and lashes out. “Francesca comes off as insecure, controlling and a bully. She’s pretty, that’s it. There’s several very beautiful women in the show. Her personality is awful and a massive turnoff,” one commenter summed things up.

Though Francesca thought she won when it came to her spat with Savannah, it appears that the vast majority of viewers have turned on the Canadian swimwear designer since her appearance on the show. While Francesca still has many followers on Instagram, her reputation appears to have suffered due to her complete turn as a Perfect Match villain. On the other hand, numerous commenters are now interested in seeing more of Savannah, even though she was eliminated early on both of her shows. Therefore, Savannah might have a future on Netflix reality TV shows if fans have any say in casting choices.

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