Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been open about her health and fitness and overcoming challenges, and fans noticed some changes.

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life is looking a little different to fans. A recent photo showed Whitney looking a little slimmer than she was in the last season of MBFFL, and fans think this could be a turning point for Whitney’s health. She has been working on her fitness app recently, and followers are happy to see Whitney making some changes in her life.

Whitney has been open with viewers about how her polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, has impacted her health and weight. The premise of the show was founded on Whitney’s body positivity and goals to be healthy without being a more traditional size. While Whitney’s health goals have been the focus of the show for the past several seasons, it has been a challenging road for her. Her fitness regimen has been tricky to stick to, and her body positivity has been lapsing in some moments, like calling her friend Buddy Bell fat. However, viewers are happy to see her taking more initiative about her health.


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Why MBFFL Fans Are Glad Whitney Thore Is Looking Healthier

On Reddit, user VeronicaJ81 posted a recent image of Whitney, suggesting that she has lost some weight. Although Whitney has made it clear her goals are to be healthy and not to lose weight, her followers have expressed concerns over her health. One MBFFL viewer commented that the “prediabetes she was diagnosed with *years* ago… didn’t magically go away,” but hopefully Whitney will improve if she is taking her health more seriously. Another fan claimed Whitney “started going to the gym with her dad,” implying she is focused, or that Glenn Thore is giving Whitney some tough love to keep her motivated enough to reach her goals.

Why MBFFL Fans Want Whitney Thore To Be More Active

MBFFL Whitney Thore

With the suggestion that Whitney has lost some weight, some fans hope that she is working out the same way she used to. The previous MBFFL seasons have focused on Whitney trying new activities, and fans believe “seeing her going out again, being active” creates “much more interesting and entertaining” storylines. Whitney started out as a funny, relatable woman working on loving her body, while enjoying her favorite activities and dancing. She has become “whiny” recently about her problems without trying to do something about it. One fan hopes weight loss “changes her attitude and views,” as fans have lost patience with Whitney’s gross behavior.

Fans are excited to see Whitney committing to making some changes in her life. If Whitney is losing weight to improve her overall health, My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans hope to see her trying new workout routines and fun activities. Whitney has been working to promote her app, No BS Active, and fans want to see her demonstrating different workouts for subscribers, with less of a focus on romantic relationships with mystery men from other countries. Whitney has sometimes lacked incentive to get out and about without some tough love, but a few fans believe the passing of her mother Babs Thore may inspire her to make these changes.

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